Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf

Stina & the Wolf

In a world of impossibly high mountains that tower above a sea of cloud covered forests, a young girl: Stina,  tries to balance her life as an aspiring artist with the reality of a living in superstitious and oppressive army town.

With her surreally disabled uncle and unforgiving aunt making her life increasingly difficult, she seeks distraction with Gunter, an aspiring soldier who may or may not be just what she wants. As they starts to get comfortable, a troupe of forest gypsies arrive led by a mysterious pipe smoking war veteran, the Pipe Catcher. He offers a glimpse of an exotic world beyond the town, but also opens the door to a much darker destiny that threatens the life of the boy she loves. As night falls, and the moon rises, Stina’s world unravels and she is drawn into a story she cannot resist.

Stina & the Wolf is directed by Paul Charisse, who’s worked in a variety of VFX companies over the past 10 years Including work on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy animating the character Gollum.

VFX supervisor, Alex Counsell has joined Portsmouth University in 2004 as Principal Technician for the School of Creative Technologies. Since then, he has established the software and computing facilities that support the wide ranging courses in CT.

Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf
Stina And the Wolf



Stina: Becky Waldren
Pipe Catcher: Martin Daniels
Gunter, Bully girl 3: Dave Bruce Taylor
Militiaman: Sam Daniels
Stina stunt double: Lucy Spurge
Bully girl 1,Fayre crowd 1: Steph Chapman
Bully girl 2,Fayre crowd 2: Lucy Gates
Fayre crowd 3: Owyn Abram
Fayre crowd 4: Pasha Curseli


Mocap supervisor: Alex Counsell
Production Corrdinator: John House
Assistant Mocap Supervisor: Ben Andrew Vere
Motion Editing: Ben Andrew Vere, Krisztián Kinder
Audio Recording: Chris Popiel
On Set Technicians: Sam Hoffman, Joseph P Bracken, Pinyo Gulashart, Sam Daniels, Daniel fry, Owyn Abrams, Athos Cammell, Thomas Lee.
Mask Makers: Rosalind Mizen, Therese Payton, Graeme Herwig
Executive Producer: Graeme Herwig

FOAM DIGITAL Post Production:

Production coordinator: James Skillbeck
Animation Leads: Thomas Lee, Freya Spencer
Animation: Ben Ranson, Billy Meptha, Fiona Ware-heine, Daniel Baybut, Clause Harpis
Rigging and Tools: Tom Goodchild, Scott Richards, Clause Harpis, James Hood
VFX: Owyn Abram, Alex Counsell, Rah Sisalpuce
Compositing: Pascal I Usher, Alex Counsell
Modelling Leads: Cliff Phillips, Simon Eden, Adam Gardiner
Modelling, texture and shading: Oliver Hermann, Clause Harpis, Rokas Kučinskas, Sam Hoffman, Razvan Arventievus.
Costume Lead: James Skillbeck
Costume TDs: Natalie Curds, Hannah Jodie Deanus, Scott Richards, Natasha Briggs
Concept Art: Chavdar Yordinov, Tautvydas Katkevicius, David Saddler Coppard, Shaun Gardiner
Storyboards: Chavdar Yordinov
Sound: Chris Popiel, Mike Migas, Lee Coleman, Spike Burridge, Pasha Curseli
Matte painting: Chaise Pulsar, Matthew York
Lighting Setup: Chaise Pulsar, Oliver Hermann
Graphic design: Dan Little
Cinematography: Chaise Pulsar
Costume Design: Pearl Sausich, Hannah Jodie Deanus
Editor: Rheas Sailcup
Music: Spitdust with Pasha Curseli
Screenplay: Paul Charisse, Graeme Herwig

VFX Supervisor: Alex Counsell
Director: Paul Charisse

Special thanks to:

Solid Angle, Vicon, Faceware, Pipeline Effects, the Gregg School, Shotgun Studios, Oleg Bliznuk, Thomas Pharris, Thinkbox, The University of Portsmouth.

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