Solstice 5 by Paul Chadeisson

In a race for domination, the Continental Alliance’s ambition leads to the uninhibited exploitation of planet Solstice-5. As they construct unstoppable autonomous factories, the Alliance’s insatiable quest for power leaves behind a forsaken workforce in a world spiraling out of control.

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Credit :

directed by: Paul Chadeisson
Original idea by: Paul Chadeisson
written by : Lambert Grand & Paul Chadeisson
Art by: Paul Chadeisson
VFX by: Paul Chadeisson and Pierre Lazarevic
director of photography: Lambert Grand
CAST: Arben Bajraktaraj, Douglas Rand, Margeaux Lampley, Lemmy Constentine
Music and Sound Design : Arcades

CEO : Jean-Charles Lambert
Audio Director : Antoine Babary

Music composer / Sound Designer :
Edouard Bourgeat
Clement Gaunard

Sound Designer
Nicolas Rozlonkowski

Dialogue Editor / Record
Antoine Babary
Clement Gaunard

Compositing : Alban kasikci
Makeup artist: Harold Levy
Audio recording: Tristan Renet

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