Brainstorm Digital

Brainstorm Digital 2014 Reel

Brainstorm Digital presents their new VFX Reel featuring breakdowns from The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire, The Immigrant, Frost/Nixon.
bubu studio

Bubu Studio VFX Showreel

Bulgarian VFX studio Bubu, founded by Peter Petrov and Alexander Kartsov, presents a selection of breakdowns of their latest works in this new showreel. ...
Animal Logic & FUEL VFX Reel

Animal Logic & FUEL VFX

Australian based companies Animal Logic and Fuel VFX presents an impressive common reel featuring their latest projects.
The Little Ghost

The Little Ghost : Lighting Process

Felix Geremus presents a technical demonstration of the lighting workflow used inside Softimage for the German movie "Das kleine Gespenst" (The Little Ghost). The idea was to combine HDR images and high-res ...
Jimmy Gordon

Jimmy Gordon Demo Reel

Jimmy Gordon, rigging and technical animation supervisor at Rythym & Hues  presents his demo reel focusing on muscle and skin systems. ...
kevin webb

Kevin Webb Animation Demo Reel

Kevin Webb presents his work made at  Sony Imageworks during the last 3 years, for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs. ...

Adrien Lambert 2014 Reel

CG Generalist Adrien Lambert presents his new '14 Reel including works made for ArtFX graduation movie "INITIUM" Initium Short ...
Greg Strasz

Greg Adam Strasz VFX Reel

VFX Art Director Greg Adam Strasz presents his new Reel featuring tons of breakdowns from the recent projects he's worked for. ...
Le Manoir Magique

Sylvain Nouveau FX TD Reel 2014

Sylvain Nouveau presents a collection of works done as lead character fx at nWave digital from 2012 to 2013. See Also : Interview with Sylvain Nouveau on IT'S ART ...
David Horsley VFX Reel

David Horsley VFX Reel

David Horsley, Fx Supervisor on Life of Pi and currently Senior FX Artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks, presents his new Reel including previously unseen breakdowns from Life of Pi, Ender's Game, Superman Return...

Wesley Schneider Rigging Reel

Wesley Schneider presents an impressive collection of rigging reels featuring a Dragon modeled by Rafael Grassetti , Rei Sapo by Pedro Conti, Lobo Mau by Mariano Steiner and Gigante by Fabrício Torres https:...
zbrush 2013 Reel

ZBrush 2013 Film Reel

Enjoy the work of the best artists using Zbrush in this new Zbrush Reel by Pixologic ...

Making of Thor: The Dark World

Blur Studio presents the Making of Thor: The Dark World prologue   ...
stalingrad main post

Making of Stalingrad

Main Road Post presents the making of Stalingrad in their latest Visual Effects Showreel   ...
Epic Comparison Reel

Epic Comparison Reel by Jeff Gabor

Jeff Gabor, Lead animator at Blue Sky Studios since 2005, presents a comparison reel made for 'Epic'including the storytelling poses. ...
Tony Jung

Tony jung Modeling Reel

Tony Jung presents his latest models made for Wreck-It Ralph and other goodies. ...
Adam Sacco

Adam Sacco 2013 Demoreel

Adam Sacco presents his new 2013 demoreel featuring new models like a Neanderthal study and Rhino. See more work from Adam Sacco on IT'S ART here
Quentin Luna

Quentin Luna 2013 Reel

Quentin Luna, who just graduated from ESMA Montpellier presents his demoreel focusing on lighting, shading, texturing, fur, and rendering. See Also his short movie, Le Fauteil ...
Jeff Wagner portfolio

Jeff Wagner Modeling Reel

Senior modeler Jeff Wagner presents two new modeling reels featuring models from Dreamwork's Turbo ...
Ronen Tanchum

Ronen Tanchum FX Reel

Ronen Tanchum presents his 2013 FX Reel including breakdowns from The Wolverine, The Great Gatsby, R.I.P.D. and Percy Jackson Sea Monsters ...
George Kuruvilla

George Kuruvilla

George Kuruvilla presents his new showreel  featuring his work on R.I.P.D., Narnia and Pirates of Caribbean ...
Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni 2013 Demo Reel

Alessandro Baldasseroni, who'll speak at THU' 14, presents his new 2013 demoreel. See Also on IT'S ART : The art of that Alessandro Baldasseroni ...
Sean Kalra VFX Reel

Sean Kalra VFX Reel

Sean Kalra presents his new VFX Reel featuring works made during the 3D Animation & Visual Effects Program at Vancouver Film School ...
Tim Borgmann

Tim Borgmann Showreel

Multi awarded VFX artists Tim Borgmann presents his latest showreel with sound design by Echoic ...
Cenk Cevdet KILAR

Cenk Cevdet Kilar Demoreel

Cenk Cevdet Kilar, FX artist at Digital Domain presents a selection of shots he's recently worked, featuring some from Iron Man 3 ...
rigging horse

Horse Rigging Demo Reel

Edema Art presents his rigging work done on on a horse model in this new reel ...

MPC 2014 VFX Reel

MPC presents a compilation of their latest VFX and shots in this new impressive 2014 reel. See more news and breakdown from MPC on IT'S ART
Michael Holzl

Michael Holzl

VFX artists Michael Holzl presents his latest animation reel ...
Jamaal Bradley animation reel vfx

Jamaal Bradley Animation Reel

 Jamaal Bradley, animator supervisor at Dreamworks presents the shots he's animated for "The Croods" in his latest reel ...
mathematic SAS vfx reel

VFx Reel : Mathematic

French motion design studio Mathematic presents their new Demoreel ...