Gnomon Lighting and Rendering Winner

Gnomon School of Visual Effects has awarded Ruta Lauzikaite's Lighting and rendering reel as 2012 best of term winner.


Tortiglioni is an animation & Visual Effects short done at Vancouver Film School by Cindy Jang

John Sparks FX Reel

John Sparks new 2012 reel is mostly focusing on dust, debris and oter fx in movies like Prometheus, Los Angeles Battle L.A, Hulk, 2012 and many other.

Hanlong Liu 2012

Hanlong Liu  presents his new FX demo reel featuring some interesting water effect

Desiree Ryden Reel

Desiree Ryden, currently working at MPC London as an FX TD, presents an updated reel featuring work from Prometheus and Wrath of the Titans.

Ruben Bautista FX Reel

Ruben Bautista a selection of works made  as fx artist/TD @ The Mill Tv/Film, Senate VFX, Red Vision, Ilion

Nathaniel Caauwe

Nathaniel Caauwe presents a new superb reel including shots from Captain America, Harry Potter and Avengers,  highlighting his rotoscoping, paint and compositing skills, as well as some VFX supervising. &nbs...

VFX : Nicholas Damico Reel

Nicholas Damico presents his 2012 reel, with works made at Digital Domain, Luma Pictures and Scanline. A complete description of the shots is listed under the video :   Shot 1: Digital Domain: Tr...

V-Ray Film & VFX 2012 Reel

Chaos Group presents their new eye catching V-Ray Film & VFX Demo Reel 2012. 10180 HD version can be downloaded by our Videos Lovers and IT'S ART Lovers Members here : ...

Game Of Thrones Season 2 VFX Breakdown

  Pixomondo is back with another stunning VFX breakdown reel made for Game of Thrones Season 2. Videos Lovers and IT'S ART Lovers members can download the HD 720p version and HD stills : ...

Michael Bay 2012 Reel

Presented in glorious HD, here's Michael Bay 2012 Reel as shown at the Nickelodeon Conference. ...


Esther Lopez presents Macro, her final project made at Vancouver Film School for the 3D and Visual Effects program.
Black Swan VFX

Black Swan VFX

IT'S ART is pleased to (re)publish one of the best breakdown from LookFX, The making of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan ...