Discover the Art of Horizon Forbidden West, a  2022 action role-playing video game developed by Guerrilla Games featuring more than 350+  concept art, 3d models, key Art, Marketing Art by YeongJin Jeon Hard surface Artist at Guerrilla Games, Oscar Römer – Concept Artist at Guerilla Games , Arno Smitz Lead Character Artist at Guerrilla Games , Erik van Helvoirt Senior Concept Artist – Guerrilla Games , Choro Choi Concept Artist at Guerilla games, Daniel Gutierrez Anaya Character Artist at Guerrilla Games, Alisson Stirchler Environment Artist at Guerilla games –  Jeroen Heemskerk – Senior Environment artist, Lloyd Allan Senior Concept Artist at Guerilla Games, Miguel Martinez – Principal Concept Artist, Ilya Golitsyn – Principal Concept Artist at Guerrilla Games , Artist from Karakter Studio ( Dan Blomberg – Art Direction, Christoph Stryczek – Concept Designer, Josef Stängl – Concept Designer, Kevin Goeke – Concept Designer, Bo Zonneveld – Concept Designer, Constantin Marin – Concept Designer, Andrei Kurylovich – Concept Designer ) and art from MOOD Visuals STUDIO , Ivan Laliashvili, Art Director at MY.Games, Greg Rutkowski , freelance concept artist, Koen Wijffelaars, senior concept artist at Guerrilla Games

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