Brian Valeza - Magic the Gathering

the Art Of Magic the Gathering by Brian Valeza

Discover the Art of Brian Valeza, a  freelance illustrator working on different projects from board games, card games, mobile games and animation since 2007 for clients such as  Wizard of the Coast, Blizzard (Hearthstone), PAIZO (Pathfinder), VALVE (Artifact), VOLTA (Elder Scrolls Legends CCG, Eternals CCG, Transformers), Bushiroad (Dragoborn), AEG (Guildhall, Thunderstone), Plaid Hat Games (Mice and Mystic, Sea Fall, Starship Samurai), HEX Entertainment (Shards of Fate).

Discover his work through a selection of some of the recent cards he’s created for Magic: The Gathering.

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