Pacific Rim Uprising VFX Breakdown

Pacific Rim Uprising VFX Breakdown

In 2035, ten years after the Battle of the Breach, former Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost – son of Stacker Pentecost – makes a living by stealing and selling Jaeger parts on the black market in the Los Angeles area...
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Designing Pacific Rim

Watch Hal Hickel, visual effects animator for Industrial Light & Magic speaking about the making of the design of Pacific Rim creatures during Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference. See Also : Pacific Rim...

Pacific Rim Ultimate VFX compilation

Want to learn everything about the making of Pacific Rim? check this selection of VFX breakdowns including the making of the Prologue, Kaijus, Jaeger, Tokio Battle Scene and more!

Making of Pacific Rim Jaegers

After the first general VFX breakdown for Pacific Rim, the making of the Kaijus, and the making of Honk Kong Battle, time to learn how ILM has created the Jaegers for Pacific Rim.
Pacific Rim VFX

Making of Hong Kong Battle in Pacific Rim

After the first general VFX breakdown for Pacific Rim and the making of the Kaijus, ILM presents the making of the Hong Kong Battle in Pacific Rim
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Making of Pacific Rim By ILM

After the recent breakdown of Star Trek into Darkness and The Lone Ranger, ILM presents an amazing breakdown for Pacific Rim. ...
pacific rim storyboard

Pacific Rim Storyboard

See how Pacific Rim underground bunker scene has been created during the storyboard phase in this special video. See more Pacific Rim Making-of here
Kyle Winkelman

Kyle Winkelman Animation Reel

ILM Animator, Kyle Winkelman presents a selection of shots animated for Pacific Rim ...
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Making of Pacific Rim by Rodeo FX

Rodeo FX tackled a comprehensive array of creative and technological challenges through its contributions to “Pacific Rim,” marking the company’s ninth collaboration with ILM. Rodeo FX created and produced 200 ...
Pacific Rim VFX

Making of Pacific Rim Prologue by Mirada

Mirada presents an extended breakdown from the making of Pacific Rim Opening Sequence : See Also : Making Pacific Rim end Title by Imaginary Forces The VFX of Pacific Rim  Legacy Effects VFx on Pacific ...
Jeffrey Charles Higgins reel

Jeffrey Charles Higgins VFX Reel

Jeffrey Charles Higgins presents hos new VFX Reel including Pacific Rim, and Life Of Pi works. ...
John Knoll

John Knoll at View Conference

Industrial Light & Magic’s new Chief Creative Officer to highlight Italy’s largest computer graphics conference. 19 August 2013,  Turin, Italy:  “We are deeply honored and incredibly excited to annou...
Making Pacific Rim

Making Pacific Rim Titles

Miguel Lee, Ryan Summers and Eric Mason from Imaginary Forces present the making of the Opening and End Title Sequence made for Pacific Rim Opening
Pacific Rim Opening

Creating Pacific Rim Prologue

Storytelling studio Mirada was the creative and technical force behind the “documentary footage” two-minute prologue of Guillermo del Toro’s robots vs. monsters epic, Pacific Rim. Working closely with del Toro,...
Pacific Rim Concept Art

Pacific Rim final Trailer

The Final trailer for Pacific Rim is here. Check it now and our complete collection of concept art made for the movie. See Also : Creating the robots // Creating the Kaiju // Pacific Rim Making of #2 / Pacif...
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Pacific Rim Kaiju Concept Art

Don't miss this new special Pacific Rim featurette taking an inside look at Kaiju, including Concept Art and creature models and early Concept Art by Guy Davis See Also : Creating the robots // Pacific Rim M...
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Pacific Rim – Behind The Scenes

Get behind the scenes of Pacific Rim in this exclusive filming featurette and the third official feature for the movie. See Also : Creating the robots // Pacific Rim Making of #2 / Pacific Rim Making of #1 ...
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Pacific Rim Extended Tv Spot

A New 2 minutes extended Tv spot for Pacific Rim has just surfaced, and it's available in glorious 1080i for our Videos Members here : Link See Also : Creating the robots // Pacific Rim Making of #2 / Pacifi...
Pacific Rim Concept Art

Pacific Rim : Creating the Robots

Learn how the robots have been created for Pacific with VFX Supervisor John Knoll, Guillermo del Toro and Concept Artists in this special Pacific Rim feature. See Also : Pacific Rim Behind the scenes IT'S...
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Pacific Rim : Behind the Scenes

See how the the pilots and cockpits have been filmed in Pacific Rim in this new behind the scenes footage special feature. See Also : Pacific Rim Drift Feature // Pacific Rim International Trailer IT'S AR...

Pacific Rim TV Spot

Ready for more monsters, robots and destruction? Check Guillermo del Toro new TV Spot for Pacific Rim ...
Pacific Rim Drift

Pacific Rim : Drift

Don't miss this new special feature for Pacific Rim, Drift, unveiling some unseen before footage See Also  International Trailer ...
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim TV spot

Go Big or Go Extinct in this new TV Spot  for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim spectacular movie. It'S ART video members can download the 720 HD video here : Link See Also : Pacific Rim International Trailer...
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Pacific Rim International Trailer

A new official international trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim just hits the ground. See Also Pacific Rim WonderCon Trailer ...

Pacific Rim CES Trailer

Consumer Electronics Show starts today and  this new trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim will be unveiled today. Let's fight aliens! IT'S ART Video members can download the HD 720p version here ...
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Pacific Rim

Help! Aliens are invading the Earth! No problem we've giant robots! Let's fight! And enjoy the first trailer for Pacific Rim