Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Dive into this in depth rock sculpting tutorial workflow for 3D Modeling in 3DCoat Voxels, ZBrush and Modo for Gaming and Film VFX You'll Learn : 1. Create Basic shape in 3DCoat using voxels primitives. 2. B...

Tutorial : The Forgemaster, a game character

Ben Douglas  will take you through every single step of creating The Forgemaster in this  high quality in depth video tutorial with all ressources. From concepting, to the ZBrush sculpt, painting, retopology, u...
specular maps marmoset

Specular Maps with Marmoset

Learn how to make Specular Maps with Marmoset with Jamin Shoulet, veteran game artist, who has worked with Blizzard Entertainment, Gazillion, Trion, Ubisoft, and Perpetual Entertainment.

Create a Unity Terrain with Marmoset

Learn how to create of a Unity terrain mesh with custom height map, setting up a splat map, and placement of trees and grass, using Marmoset Skyshop's latest advanced terrain & vegetation shaders. ht...
Marmoset unity

Image-Based Lighting in Unity

Learn more about the process of importing an HDR panoramic image into Unity, and lighting using Skyshop's convolution tools to light Marmoset materials in a scene. ...