Welcome to the second part of our Clip Studio Paint presentation! Clip Studio Paint is a great tool for professional creators, offering natural brushes, artist-focused tools, and features that let you focus on your creative potential while cutting time on repetitive or annoying steps.

In this second part, learn how it can help you make your work more efficient and how it can be integrated with your current tools, also allowing you to easily switch between different devices in the same project.

download the software and try it free for 3 months


We are going to talk about 3D tools in Clip Studio Paint. If you are a complete beginner and it’s your first time using the program, take a look at Part 1. Now, get ready to make your work more efficient with these tutorials.


Import your Blender 3D models (6m40s)

You always need some neat 3D references to incorporate them to your game art or even your splash art. In this quick video you will find the tools you need to quickly import your 3D models into Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio Paint & Blender integration

Clip Studio Paint includes many 3D materials, but you can also import your own.

The following video explains how to create poseable 3D models For Clip Studio Paint using Blender. Learn the simple process to import 3D articulated objects in Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio Paint is an animation software
…And you can export your animation frames to bulk import them directly into

Here is a course on how to animate in Clip Studio Paint.

Part 1: Clip Studio Paint Animation 101 (5m36s): 

Part 2: Four simple tricks for hand-drawn animation (7:44):

Part 3: The best tools for animation clean-up! (8:44): 

Make quick concept art with this exercise! 
A quick demonstration on how to draw perfect objects using simple 3D shapes that you can turn around 360º to get different perspectives.

Perfect backgrounds with perspective rulers

Level Beginners

Learn quick and infallible ways of creating backgrounds exploring the basic possibilities of the different perspective rulers included in Clip Studio Paint. From 2 point perspective to creating perfect buildings and automatic window placing and spacing.

The trial version includes 3 to 6 months free use, depending on your device, so you have plenty of time to explore all the features at your own pace.

Download it from the official website