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IAMAG Master Classes CONTENT 

Patrick O Keefe : Into the Spider-Verse
Nicolas Sparth Bouvier – Organized Cacophony
John Howe – The Hobbit : Building Beorn’s House
Feng Zhu : Form Follows Function
Aaron Sims – From Sketch to Screen Part 1
Aaron Sims : From Sketch to Screen Part 2
Aaron Sims– From Sketch to Screen Part 3 – Live Demo
Ryan Woodward : Career Tips
Jama Jurabaev : Creating Concept Art for The Movie Industry
Mike Morris : Storyboard for TV Animation
Goro Fujita – Art in VR : The Birth of a new Medium
Vance Kovacs – Carrer Path
Paul Chadeisson – Career Path
Jama Jurabaev and Andrea Chiampo– Gravity Sketch
Finian MacManus : Civilization Design in Virtual Reality
Goro Fujita – Quill Demonstration
Nick Gindraux – Digital Illustration
Stephane Baril – Tips and Tricks for Digital Artists
Jaime Jasso – On Man Army VFX
Daniel Gregoire – Story Telling in a World of Technology
Andrea Blasich – Live Sculpting
Nicolas Weis – Creative Constrains

Ron Ashtiani– Atomhawk
Jason Horley Stephen Tappin – ILM

Lord Of The Ring Art Director : John Howe at IAMC19
Lord Of The Ring Art Director : John Howe at IAMC19



Kris Costa : Becoming a Digital Artist
Pascal Campion : Painting Process Demonstration
James Paick : Concept Art for the Game Industry
George Hull : Career Path
John Nevarez : Storytelling
Sam Nielson : Lightning and Composition
Jama Jurabaev : VR and Concept Art
Peter De Sève : Under Influence
Michael Defeo : Digital Sculpting for the Movie Industry
Anthony Eftekhari : The Art Of Composition
Brian Flora : Matte Painting for the Industry
Carter Goodrich : Character Design
Raphael Lacoste : Designing Open Worlds for Assassin’s Creed Origins
Maggie Oh : Designing projects with VR
Goro Fujita : Quill a Door to Art
Allan McKay : Building Your Brand
Jean-Baptiste Monge : Character Design and Creative Process

James Paick at IAMAG MAster Classes 18
James Paick at IAMAG MAster Classes 18



Ash Thorp: Passion, Following Your Dreams
Neils blevins: Developing Your IP with an Illustrated Novel
Goro Fujita: My Journey to Art
Marc Simonetti: From Ideas to Canvas
Jonny Duddle: Character Design
Niels Prayer: A Procedural Journey
Allan McKay: What 20 years of failing has taught me
Alexis Wajsbrot: Creating Doctor Strange
Jason Scheier : Color And Light for Visual Storytelling
Joaquin Baldwin: Cinematography and Layout
Mike Blum: I Can’t Draw and it’s Never Stopped Me
Stephane Baril: Photoshop Hidden Gems
Ryan Church : Evolution of Concept Art
Raphael Lacoste : Creating Worlds
Jean Baptiste Monge – Character Design
Nikolai Lockersten: iPad Concept Art Techniques
Dan Roarty: Creating a realistic Female Character

Ryan Church at IAMAG Master Classes 17
Ryan Church at IAMAG Master Classes 17



Craig Mullins : Painting a Sketch by Ian McQue
Raphael Lacoste : Creating Open World
Ian McQue : Painting a Vehicle in an Environnement
Fausto De Martini + Marc Brunet : Career Path
Marc Simonetti : The Art of Speed Painting
Nicolas Prothais : Gesture Eloquence in Animation
Simon Homeldal : Iterative Design
Mark Theriault : Simplicity Vs Complexity
Anselm Von Seherr Thoss : On Set VFX
Allan Mc Kay : Guerilla VFX


Screenshot from Nick Gindraux Master Class


Other Screenshots from past editions


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