Travis Moving
Travis Moving

Travis – Moving by MPC

Made using the combined expertise of artists at MPC’s Motion Design Studio and RSA filmmakers Wriggles & Robins, the new promo for ‘Moving’ shows a series of animations projected onto the bands breath. All animations and projections are filmed in real time, negating the need for VFX in post-production and giving the effect of plucking shapes and figures out of thin air for an arresting visual accompaniment.


Travis’s Fran Healy says: “Everyone on set became 5 years old, wide eyed, all day, watching real magic. Lot’s of ooohs and aahhs. It was very cool.”

RSA’s Executive Producer Caspar Delaney says: “We’re always on the look out for new creative talent, so Wriggles and Robins were already on our radar. Putting them together with a band of the stature of Travis, and being able to marry their ingenious and beautiful projection idea with an equally and typically innovative track, was the kind of opportunity which doesn’t come along that often. A perfect creative coupling. We think the results are stunning.”

MPC were involved from pre-production working on how the effect would be achieved, including the projected animations that were used on the shoot. The team created the animated sequences and assets based on detailed storyboards. MPC’s Animation Supervisor Bernat Amengual says: “The concept is brilliant, and really unique. We all spent time experimenting with camera angles and animations. Our focus remained on ensuring the narrative was clear and not lost in the projection. We had to adjust to this new way of working very quickly – where any detail was lost. Obtaining the right movement was the key to success. ”

MPC’s creature library was harnessed for animal structures – their designs were then altered to be unique to the film. The animations were created in cycles, then looped and composited in After Effects. The best takes in the edit could be selected to work out the framing. The 3D camera movements and additional 3D components were created using Cinema 4D.

‘Moving’ was written by Travis and produced by “Super Swede” Michael Ilbert (The Hives/The Cardigans/The Wannadies). It’s one of the highlights of forthcoming LP ‘Where You Stand’, also out Aug 19th.
Travis are singer/guitarist Fran Healy, bassist Dougie Payne, guitarist Andy Dunlop and drummer Neil Primrose.

Director: Wriggles & Robins
Production company: RSA
EPs: Tracy Stokes, Richard Flintham, Casper Delaney
Producer: Noreen Khan
Editor: Ben Campbell at Cut and Run

VFX Producer: Alannah Currie
Motion Design Producer: Sophie Gunn
Lead Animator: Bernat Amengual
VFX Team: Eduardo Castells, Jonathan Box, Grant Henderson, Franck Lambertz

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