Be Everywhere All At Once.

Short of The Week unveiled their Ultimate Guide To Distributing A Short Film On The Internet. Discover an in-depth guide based on interviews and surveys of hundreds of successful filmmakers to understand directly what works and what doesn’t when releasing a film today. What becomes immediately clear is the widening chasm between what most filmmakers actually care about and what the conventional approach delivers.


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1 – Create a online + festival strategy. Submit your film to online outlets early.

2 – Secure your premiere with a top tier festival or online site.

3 – Find partners—connect with curators to reach their audiences.

4 – Don’t prioritize money —it’ll likely hurt your exposure.

5 – Don’t sign away exclusivity—hang on to your right to ‘be everywhere’.

6 – Go cross platform and get your film everywhere.

7 – Internationalize your film with subtitles to reach even further.

8 – Compress your release window over days/weeks rather than months/years.

9 – Launch, engage and recalibrate during the week of your release.

10 – Be prepared to pitch your next idea or project.

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