When we’ve started to work on the concept of the IAMAG Master Classes, we’ve tried to keep in mind how we can provide something really different from any other events but also something valuable for all digital artists.

We focus on two important factors, the ‘human’ scale aspect of the event and how artists can really easily learn, share and connect with each others

That’s why we offer during this event, a chance for artists, to not only attend the master classes but also have their portfolios reviewed, meet studios for recruitment and speak with company representative about products they use  to create their art.

IAMAG ’16 Edition Recap

Another unique feature about IAMAG Master Classes is the fact we offer to all our attendees the recorded version of the event, all videos,  without any extra fees.

As it’s hard for artists to be able to attend all master classes sometimes we think it’s really important for them to be able to watch, again, for free, the content of the Master Classes.

All these videos are available for stream and download, in two versions, on stage and screencast. They’re also available for purchase for all artists who can’t join us in Paris.

We’ve worked hard on the next edition and we hope you’ll enjoy the quality of our lineup so far. Check by yourself, with this list of artists , already confirmed :

Ryan Church, Nathan Fowkes,Goro Fujita, JB Monge , Ian McQue, Jason Scheier, Neil Bleivins, James Clyne , Allan McKay, Jonny Duddle, Ash Thorp,Nikolai Lockertsen, Dan Roarty, Clay Kaythis and many more to be announced…

Companies as Illumination, Mikros Image, Framestore have also already confirmed they’ll be part of the recruitment process.

Wether you’re a freelancer, an experimented artists, a student, represent a studio or company, we’re sure you can benefit from the Master Classes and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.