George Hull Concept Art - Matrix
George Hull Concept Art - Matrix

The Art of Matrix Revolutions and Reloaded by George Hull

Born in India and raised in the U.S., George started his creative path with a BFA Degree in Industrial Design. Growing up in a small midwest town, a career in the film industry seemed impossible: a “ridiculous” pursuit, his instructors told him. But his dreams for film design became a reality when Lucasfilm’s prestigious visual effect company -Industrial Light & Magic, noticed his talent and offered him a position on their creative team, just out of school. At ILM, George’s earliest credit was Oscar winner FORREST GUMP.  He then quickly climbed to be a lead Visual Effects Art Director on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Afterward, his childhood hero Dennis Muren was selected to work with him on JURASSIC PARK 2 and the STAR WARS Special editions.

After six years at ILM, George left to form George Hull Design – to focus on the most creative stage of a film’s early visual development.  As one of Hollywood’s leading conceptual designers, George specializes in creating unique and imaginative worlds, including the cinematography, settings, and vehicles that live within them.

George has received awards from the Art Directors Guild for the Oscar-winning and highly acclaimed films BLADE RUNNER 2049 and DUNE: Part 1. His artwork has contributed to many of Hollywood’s renowned franchises, including The MATRIX, STAR WARS, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and many more. Upcoming projects include TRON: ARES, BLADE RUNNER 2099, and the highly anticipated DUNE: PART 2.

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