The Art of Lone Echo 2

The Art Of Lone Echo II : 180+ Artworks

Lone Echo II features similar gameplay to its predecessor, revolving around zero gravity locomotion, with the player grabbing and pushing off various objects in the environment. Players are equipped with wrist thrusters and an EVA booster that gives them full mobility in the zero gravity environment. The gameplay is based around puzzle-solving through interaction with objects in the game world, such as cranes, doors, socketing items, holographic maps, etc. Players have access to a variety of tools including the scanning and cutting tools from Lone Echo.

Discover a selection of more than 180+ Concept made for the game, including backgrounds, 3D models, pros and misc. designs, by David Lieu, Aiko Shinohara, Pedro Prieto, Matt Bischoff, Ash Thundercliffe, Arya louyazi Hou, Kunrong Yap, Cody Foreman, Rhonda Chan, Guillaume Deschamps-Michel, Ted Mebratu, Oscar Cafaro.

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