Discover The Art of Gus Mendonça, an US based Freelance Concept Artist and Matte Painter for the entertainment industry with a strong focus on Film, Games, TV, Animation and Virtual Reality. Gus has dedicated his career to projects that are highly creative and that push the boundaries of visual design, technology and most importantly storytelling. During his career as a Concept Artist Gus Mendonça has designed for acclaimed franchises such as Star Wars, The Avengers, Halo, Gears of War, Dead Rising, Call of Duty and Need for Speed to mention a few.

Celebrate Akira 30th Birthday with Gus Mendonça tribute to the legendary movie and it’s breakdown.

Gus Mendonça
Gus Mendonça

IAMAG Announcement

IAMC19 : The Art Community is Back in Paris – March 15th – 17th

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