The Ember Conflict has been in development by Substantial Games for over 2 years! The game has just launched globally for free on IOS. The Ember Conflict is one of the few truly hard-core gaming experiences on mobile, fusing art with gameplay. The Ember Conflict is a competitive online Real Time Tactics game, playable in short bursts that respect your time!

During the production, there was much focus on creating unique and interesting characters, and creating a believable future world that was not the usual cliche. Set over ten thousand years in to the future the world is in conflict over the valuable resource Ember.

Each character in The Ember Conflict has a unique back story, and the concept art had to represent this through visual storytelling. Not all characters have a serious tone as the game includes characters like the much loved Battle Pugs!!

We’re really happy to present an exclusive selection of concept art and art made for the game and don’t forget to download for free the game on the Ipad and Iphone here to support this project and have fun!