memento mori tentation
memento mori tentation

Tentation , Memento mori

Supinfocom students presents their NSFW animated short movie, Tentation, Memento Mori.

Tentation is an organic and mineral, living and dying experience on the women eroticism, a new transposition of the classical nude. Inspired by the beauty of the academic nude, this animated paint is the attempt of a modern renewal of the genre.

This short CGI film have been created in 2011 at Supinfocom, thanks to a two year collaboration between Loris Accaries, Marie Ayme, Claire Baudéan, Audrey Janvier and Spiky for the music.

Tentaton had the privilege to be part of the selection of international film festivals, like the Siggraph Asia or Annecy, and to join the Ron Diamond film selection in order to be screened in places like the Disney studio or the Harvard university.

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