Fire Braids Time Lapse

  We're extremly proud to start a new area of exclusive IT'S ART video tutorials with Isis Sousa . Learn more about her creative process and how she's used references to create this time lapse video of ...

Thinking Particles : Destruction Hit

 Will Wallace teaches you how to set up a Thinking Particles scene based on the Knight Shattering in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Aerodynamics & Morph Camera in Cinema 4D R14

Learn how to create dynamic balloons with new Aerodynamics function, Rigid and Softbody objects in Cinema 4D R14. A video Tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz

Soft Body and Mesh Deformer

Learn how to combine the soft body dynamics tag with the mesh deformer in Cinema 4D with this video tutorial from Polycubes

Breaking Wooden Wall by Car

Learn how to break a wooden wall by car and demolish it to splinters  with Rayfire. The complete can be download here

Creating Realistic Apples

Tomasz Wyszolmirski teachs you how to to create a realistic scene with apples using 3ds Max 2012, V-Ray 2.30.01 and Adobe After Effects CS5.5

From Walking In Place to Walking In Space

Keith Osborn helps you to understand how to convert a stationary walk into one that moves through the scene using the free maya plugin, Locinator tool.

Create a Space Corridor

Learn how to create a space corridor, from modeling to final render,  in this 2 hours Blender video tutorial presented by Andrew Price  ...

Thinking Particles fundamentals

Rober Leger helps you to understand Thinking Particles fundamentals in this new video tutorial

Solving an untrackable 3D Camera with Mocha

Martin Brennand, product manager at Imagineer System helps you to understand how to use the mocha Camera Solver for a shot that is difficult to solve with point tracking. ...

The Jungle

Curse Studio has produced a priceless in depth video tutorial helping to create a realistic jungle scene. The complete scene can be downloaded here ...

C4D Color Shader and Mograph Selections

In this tutorial Nick Hopkins breaks down how to make the classic mario question mark box, using only one material and one cloner object, along with a few effectors

Ramped Slow Motion

This After Effects tutorial will show you how to achieve smooth ramped slow motion like what was used in the 300 movie battle scenes. A video tutorial by Charles Cassels ...

Dynamic Popcorn Part 2

Time to launch Cinema 4D to follow the second part of the video tutorial by Nick Campell helping you to create some dynamic CG popcorn. if you miss the first part, find it here ...

PolyStepper in Cinema 4D

This is tutorial for an Xpresso based tool created by Simon Russell for Cinema 4D called PolyStepper. It deforms any polygon object onto a mograph cloner. You can Download PolyStepper here. Polystepper i...
Create a Trpcode Planet with after Effects

Create Trapcode Planet

Create Trapcode Planet from Scratch using After effects, Trapcode form, Trapcode particular with Philipp Pavlov Final Result ...