Interview with Mark Theriault

Hi Mark ! I'm truly honored to have you here today! You're such a talented FX TD. To sum up a small part of your career , you've been working for Blur, Prime Focus, Dreamworks, Image Engine and ILM.  Mark is al...
Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy Motion Graphics Design

Jake Sargeant, Lead graphic artist for Tron : Legacy presents an impressive collection of making of. See Also the 7 Minutes making of Tron Legacy by Digital Domain https://vime...


You're not listening to Daft Punk, but Chemical Brother and no it's not Tron but Velodrome, an animated sequence made for London 2012 Olympic Games by Crystal CG .
The making of Tron Legacy

The making of Tron Legacy

IT'S ART tribute to the fantastic work of Digital Domain made for Tron Legacy  in this 7 minutes VFX Making of ...