Making of the Order 1886

Texturing Pipeline on The Order-1886

Jo Watanabe & Brandi Parish - Texture Artists, Ready at Dawn Studios share their experience on The Order: 1886 to surface a wide range of characters, creatures, weapons, and props over the course of the pro... Read More...
the order 1886 fx

The Order 1886 FX Reel

Ready at Dawn team, Brian Merrill,
 Eric Cloutier,
 Sabra Goebel,
 Jamie Hayes and Orson Favrel present their works in two reels and a close up to the fire effets. Read More...
the order 1886

E3 : The Order 1886

Have a new look at The Order 1886 in this trailer presented during E3 2014 E3 2013 Trailer Read More...