Fractal Lab 2015 Demo

Fractal Lab 2015 Demo

Have a look at this promising browser based WebGL fractal renderer by Sub Blue. You can get more details about this application here Fractal Lab 2015 Demo Fractal Lab 201...
Rig & Setup Auto v3.0

Rig & Setup Auto v3.0

Guillaume Brunet presents a free Maya script, Rig & Setup Auto v3.0, to help you to set up your rig. You can download the script for free here. Auto Rig and Auto Setup...
Visualizer 1.3

Visualizer 1.3

Discover the new features in Visualizer 1.3 for Autodesk Maya. Learn you how can create and delete lights instantly, modify light parameters, make quick updates when switching render layers, and soft shadows wi...
Flix SOny Imageworks

Flix by Sony Imageworks and The Foundry

Sony Pictures Imageworks and The Foundry present FLIX,  a web-based visual story development tool for feature animation
nuke 8

NUKE 8 Live Digital Event

The Foundry presents the NUKE 8 live digital event with presentations from NUKE product manager Jon Wadelton, Stephan Fleet (Encore Hollywood), Russell Dodgson (Framestore), Mike Maloney (Digital Domain) and ou...

Golaem Crowd 3

 Golaem Crowd is used by an increasing number of studios (including industry leaders like Double Negative or Framestore) to easily give life to commercials, movies, TV shows and games. It recently helped Starga...
Nuke 8.0

What’s new in Nuke 8.0

Check what's new in Nuke 8.0 in this new selection of videos covering Camera Tracker, Particle Cache, UV Creation, Scanline and Wireframe Render https:...
maya lte 2014

Maya LT 2014 Extension 2

Check what's new in Maya LT 2014 Extension 2, including enhanced humanIK animation tools and new support for MEL scripting.
Project Khan

Project Khan

Project Khan gives you the ability to optimize your 3D assets on the Autodesk cloud within Maya 2014 software. Learn how to use it in this video tutorial. The Pr...
ZBrush ZRemesher

ZBrush ZRemesher

Pixologic's Joseph Drust demonstrates all of the features in ZRemesher, enabling you to generate clean automatic topology. ...
Houdini Maya

Houdini Engine for Maya and Unity

Side Effects Software, an industry leader in 3D animation and visual effects software, is proud to announce the immediate release of experimental Houdini Engine plug-ins for public preview. These plug-ins allow...
Grid Master

Grid Master

Grid Master is a free tool for Thinking Particles and 3dsmax to create lines following a grid.Create abstract random patterns with multiple options to play with it. Use deflectors so your grid will reveal a 3d ...

Mari to Photoshop

Learn how to export and import textures in Photoshop when you want to work with Mari. Two videos covering camera projection settings, exporting full MARI channel into Photoshop, adding UV mask and wireframe lay...
Demolition Master 1.6

Demolition Master 1.6

Discover the new features in Demolition Master Lite 1.6 in this new video walkthrough including : -Bullet physics solver. -Shape collision solver presets. -Faster Shape collision simulations. -Procedural ...
Flame 2014

Flame Premium 2014

Learn more about  the new 3D warping capabilities, extended bi-cubic tracking enhancements, and Reactor 2.0 in Fame Premium 2014 with Will Harris. ...
Houdini 13

Houdini 13 Preview

SideFX presents a first creepy teaser for Houdini 13 to introduce some new particles features

Create a Unity Terrain with Marmoset

Learn how to create of a Unity terrain mesh with custom height map, setting up a splat map, and placement of trees and grass, using Marmoset Skyshop's latest advanced terrain & vegetation shaders. ht...
unreal engine 4 demonstration

Inside Unreal : Creating Characters

Learn more about  Unreal Engine 4 art pipeline and layered materials in this video demonstration by Zak Parrish and Jordan Walker
maya creation suite 2014

Maya Entertainment Creation Suite

Learn how new retopology and scene assembly capabilities in Maya 2014 combined with the new MotionBuilder 2014 character animation and Mudbox 2014 retopology and polygon reduction capabilities in this demonstra...
nuke 8

NUKE 8.0 Preview

Have a very first look at Nuke 8.0 new feature with product manager, Jon Wadelton. NUKE 8.0 features a new Text node that lets artists compose, edit and anim...

emTools v.1.84 Reel

Don't miss this eye catching new reel from Emtools 1.84 featuring a new  factory ICE compounds developed  with Polynoid, Cars ...
Zbrush 4R6

What’s New in ZBrush 4R6

Paul Gaboury the 3D Product Development Manager of Pixologic Inc highlights new features in ZBrush 4R6, featuring ZRemesher along with the new brushes,Trim and Crease and DynaMesh
Modo 701

Expanding MODO’s Ecosystem

The Foundry's Brad Peebler covers a  sneak peek of the upcoming MeshFusion kit in Modo 701 and the recent changes to the core, enabling more workflow customization and attracting more 3rd Party technologies. ...
Maya 2014 LTE

What’s New In Maya LT 2014

Modeling game assets, game characters, workflow and viewport 2.0, learn what's new in Maya 2014 LTE in this new series of videos
Autodesk Gameware Navigation

Autodesk Gameware Navigation

Learn more about Autodesk Gameware Navigation, a next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) pathfinding and path following tool with Autodesk Experts & Software Engineers, Mathieu Muller and Mustapha Bism...
maxwell render

Maxwell Render Reel

Next Limit presents a new reel to showcase the best renders made by their clients ...
C4d reel

Cinema 4D Reel

As Maxxon just announced the released of Cinema 4D R15, they've created a new reel to show the best works from their clients ...
RealFlow 2013

RealFlow 2013 Real

Maxwell presents a showcase of works made by their client using Realflow . Prepare for some fluids crazy shots in this 2013 reel. ...


Interactive 3D sculpting software has forever changed the way 3D modelers, texture artists and designers create and manipulate CG content. ChronoSculpt™ from the LightWave 3D® Group, introduces sculpting over t...
LightWave 11.6

LightWave 11.6

The LightWave 3D®Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., today announced new features in LightWave 11.6, the newest version of its award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software for artists and designer...