Ice Fantasy RnD by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

Ice Fantasy RnD by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

Anselm von Seherr-Thoss, award winning Visual Effects Technical Director , VES member, and one of IAMAG Master Classes speaker in 2016, presents a breakdown of his latest work for Ice Fantasy, a new Chinese TV ...

Freeze Effect Breakdown

Ivan Khmel shares with us a nice breakdown of a freezing effect made thanks to Maya, Particles Instances and fluids (Rendered with MRay)

Maya Particles and Fluids

Dariel Rodriguez shows us how he uses Maya Nparticles  and fluids to create an abstract result with 3 volumes fields.

Morteza Ramezanali’s Demoreel

Morteza Ramezanali, a Technical Artist, updated his demoreel featuring various plugins as Flux, Flex and Tornado for AD's Maya: More details : Segment 01 -------------------...

Interactive Car Collision

Carlos Acevedo shares two r'nd physx simulation he made playing with car and collision on 3DSmax and Pflow Toolbox #2. Check out :

R&D FumeFX Explosion

Deko.LT shares with us this great explosion made with FumeFX on 3DSMax. You can also download the full .max scene on turbosquid

Chris Rydalch’s Demoreel

Chris Rydalch, currently FX TD, shares with us some shots he made on Pixar's Brave and many other sim for various projects. Check out.

RayFire RnD

Syed Ahmed Sheeraz, CG generalist, shares with us some simulations he made using rayfire plugin.

FumeFX 3 R&D

Takahiro Matsui did a some interesting test with FumeFX 3. Check out ! ...