Coloring Particles at Birth in Houdini

Coloring Particles at Birth in Houdini

Sam Welker, owner at Think Particle presents a new in depth free video tutorial to understand how Coloring Particles at Birth in Houdini Coloring Particles at Birth in Houdi...
Particle rendering in Houdini - Redshift and Octane

Particle rendering in Houdini with Redshift and Octane

In this video Rohan Dalvi will cover how to render particles in Houdini using both Redshift 3d and Octane render. The video will cover how to setup the particle instancing for Redshift and also how to access pa...
Introduction to Particles in After Effects

Introduction to Particles in After Effects

Learn how to create fire and smoke without 3rd party plugins with particle effects in After Effects with this free video tutorial by online class in the School of Media Arts at the University of Montana. Love ...
lucy VFX

Lucy : VFX Particles

Matthias Müller presents a beautiful reel including his particles work made at Industrial Light & Magic for Lucy, using 3ds Max, Particle Flow, Stoke MX and Krakatoa. lucy VFX...
unreal engine Particles

Introduction to Particles in Unreal Engine 4

Learn everything about the Particle Engine and effects systems in Unreal Engine 4.
Dynamic particle sculpting

Dynamic Particle Sculpting in Cinema 4D

Günter Nikodim teaches you how to use particle to deform and sculpt using the matrix object in Cinema 4D with Mograph effectors ...
Flooding an Aquarium

Flooding an Aquarium with Realflow and Nuke

Dieuwer Feldbrugge presents a 3 parts video tutorial to create a flooded aquarium, intergating Realflow mesh and particles using Maya, Krakatoa MY and Nuke.
modo particles

Introduction to Modo Particles

Martin Mayer introduces the tools and workflows to create and manipulate dynamic particle simulations inside MODO. This introduction is part of an Introduction to Modo video tutorials including : Modelin...
Houdini 13

Houdini 13 Masterclass : Particles

Senior Mathematician Jeff Lait takes you through the latest Particle features found in Houdini 13.  You can download the scene file here Houdini 13, particles have been fully integrated into the dynamics con...
Houdini 13 Paricles

Houdini Particles

It's time to create some particles in Houdini 13! Learn how to setup, main nodes to control simulation, and integration of particles into Dynamics with this new video tutorial including all scenes, here http...
turbulence fd forces

TurbulenceFD’s Secret Forces

Learn how to use TurbulenceFD's Forces for simulation in this video tutorial by Tariq Mehmood ...
nuke particles system

NUKEX particle system

Learn how to use NUKEX particle system to change a Summer scene to Autumn in this new video tutorial by Daniel Lee ...

Creating Thin Water Film in Sparta

Learn how to use Sparta, the world's first pen interface of point cloud for CG artists, to create thin water film thanks to this new video tutorial. ...
Crowd Duplication

Crowd Duplication in Nuke

Adrian Sutherland, Emmy Award Nominated digital compositor , presents a four parts video tutorial to learn  how to use Nuke particles to generate a crowd standing and waiting for public transit. https://vime...
C4D Underwater particles

Underwater particles in C4D

Ali Faisal presents a 101 particles tutorial, helping you to know the basics to create Underwater particles float with Cinema 4D. ...
x-particles tutorial

X-Particles Animation in C4D

If you want to learn X-particles and how to use it in Cinema 4D, check this new video tutorial by Mike Batchelor detailing how to create a micro cell style animations. ...
Modo 701 Particles Rigging

Modo 701 : Rigging Particles

In this Modo 701 Particles tout tutorial, you'll have a better look at the integration of particles in Modo 701 with the internal rigging system. See Also : Modo 701 Particles Basics Integration // Modo 701 ...
Modo 701

Modo 701 : Particle Basics and integration

Have a first look at the particle engine in Modo 701 and learn how it's esay to set up a scene with rigid body dynamics. ...

Quantum Force V

Martin Stebbing presents a particle experimentation using 3dsmax, Krakatoa, Realflow, Quantum Force, Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud You can learn more about Quantum force in this ...

Motion Vectors from C4D to Particular

Learn how to get motion vectors out of Cinema4D and automatically generate particles based on the direction of your 3D object's motion.

Particle Man

Learn how to create a man made of particles in this new video tutorial using RE:Vision Twixtor Pro
, Trapcode Particular 2.2
 and Adobe After Effects ...

Palladia Idents

Bombastic’s team have created dust, smoke, water and fire particles for Palladia's idents.