Modo Skin Shader

Create a Skin Shader in Modo

Learn how to create an accurate Skin Shader in Modo in this twenty minutes video tutorial Modo Skin Shader Modo Skin Shader Modo Skin Shader Modo Skin Shader...
Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Rock Sculpting Tutorial

Dive into this in depth rock sculpting tutorial workflow for 3D Modeling in 3DCoat Voxels, ZBrush and Modo for Gaming and Film VFX You'll Learn : 1. Create Basic shape in 3DCoat using voxels primitives. 2. B...
modo rendering

Architectural Modeling with Modo

In this video in depth tutorial from Yazan Malkosh, we explain detailed techniques for creating compelling day and night shots of a contemporary interior living space using MODO
The Principles of Animation

Exploring the Principles of Animation in MODO

Want to to learn the basics of animation? Don't miss this in depth video tutorial including the source scene, about the 12 principles of animation in Modo
Pre-Viz for Games with Modo

Naughty Dog : Pre-Viz for Games

Aaron Limonick, artist at Naughty Dog presents the pipeline of a production environment at Naughty Dogs   Pre-Viz for Games with Modo Pre-Viz for Games with Modo ...


Discover a quick overview of HIEROPLAYER for users of MODO or any 3D application ...
rise modo

Making Rise : Siggraph 2013 Demo

Learn how Scott Metzger has brought characters to life and created digital sets for the sci-fi film Rise with this demonstration of MARI and MODO pipeline.
modo particles

Introduction to Modo Particles

Martin Mayer introduces the tools and workflows to create and manipulate dynamic particle simulations inside MODO. This introduction is part of an Introduction to Modo video tutorials including : Modelin...
modo modeling

Introduction to Modo Modeling

Do you want to start to model your work in Modo? Watch these essential 4 parts video tutorials helping you to learn to start to work with Modo. This introduction is part of an Introduction to Modo video tuto...
modo rendering

Introduction to Rendering in Modo

Learn the basics of rendering in Modo in this 3 part video tutorial covering everything you need to know including render setup and render passes, cameras, lights and material settings. This introduction is ...
Mesh Fusion

Introduction to Mesh Fusion for Modo

Learn everything about Mesh Fusion for Modo in this 3 parts video tutorial by The Foundry's Andy Brown ...
corrective morph zbrush

Shoulder Corrective Morph in Modo

Barry Zundel explains how to set up corrective morphs on a shoulder in Modo 701 in this new video tutorial ...
Modo 101

Modo 101

Learn Modo from scratch in this new Modo in depth training session ht...
DJ Pumpkin Head Modo

Making a DJ Pumpkin Head in Modo

Making of a special Halloween illustration, a DJ Pumpkin in Modo with James Darknell ...
Modo Hair

Hair Management in Modo

Learn how to control and manage hair guide in Modo to create any style with this new video tutorial. ...
Modo 7.0


Learn how to create a scene with over 500 million polygons with Modo for a VFX workflow, easy to manage on any computer in this special Webminar by the Foundry ...
Massive replication

Massive Replication In Modo

Learn how to create a massive replication in Modo with this video tutorial by Trent Wiker ...
modo mari

Modo and Mari Workflow

Learn how to export objects from MODO and import them  to MARI with Mari expert, Mike Jagodzinsk ...

Firehose Particle in Modo

Build a particle simulation controlled by the nozzle handle in Modo to create a realistic firehose from scratch ...

Painting with UV Map in Modo

Learn how to paint on image stacks with an offset UV map in Modo with James Darknell.
Modo 701

Modo 701 Deformation System

Richard Hurrey gives you an  overview of Modo's deformation system  and the difference between other 3D softwares. ...
Modo 701 Shader

Modo 701 – Item Shader

In this sneak peek video, Luxology present the Item Shader new interface in Modo 701.
Modo 701 Particles Rigging

Modo 701 : Rigging Particles

In this Modo 701 Particles tout tutorial, you'll have a better look at the integration of particles in Modo 701 with the internal rigging system. See Also : Modo 701 Particles Basics Integration // Modo 701 ...
Modo 701

Modo 701 Particles

Luxology has started to tease the CG community with the new version of Modo 701. They've unveiled a new video focusing on the particles engine in Modo 701 Modo 701...

User Channel in Modo 6

Wes McDermott helps you to understand how to create a user channel in modo 6 and link it to a morph influence. This technique can be used  to create custom controls for rigging like morphs for facial animation....