Childlike Imagination

VFX : Childlike Imagination

A journey into a child's imagination as she envisions all the amazing things her Mom makes as an employee at GE in this new spot directed by Dante Ariola with VFX by Method Studios
Iron Man 3 VFX

Iron Man 3 VFX BReakdown

Don't miss this selection of VFX Breakdown made by Digital Domain and Method Studio for Iron Man 3 http://www.youtu...
Making of Hotbots

Making of Hotbots

Method Studios teamed up with production company MZJ and director Carl Erik Rinsch to deliver Hotbots to life. Check the making of and final commercial! Making of Final Commercial ...
Space Babies

Space Babies

Where do Babies come from ? Well, looks like they come from space ! Check this new hilarious commercial for Kia with VFX by Method Studios. IT'S ART Video Members can download the HD 720 version here : ...

The Making of Cloud Atlas

Method Studios presents an in depth making of Cloud Atlas, the sci fi movie exploring how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future. Making of

Bringing Down the House

  Ready for the next buzz? Method Studios and the hamsters are back and bringing down the house in an 18th century opera house, showing a traditional the crowd how to party with Axwell's remix of "In My...

Making Of Halo 4

A special summer featurette to (re)discover the making of the brillant Halo 4 Commissioning game cinematic unveiled during E3 this year. This cinematic has been directed by Nicolai Fuglsig for Method Studios. ...