Animate Moving Lights in Cinema 4D

Create A Moving Lights Animation in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create a moving lights animation in Cinema 4D, in this new video tutorial by Niko Schatz. Animate Moving Lights in Cinema 4D Animate Moving Lights in Cinema...

Animation : Mamoon

As part of Blue Zoo's long-running animated short films programme, a brief was sent out to everyone in the studio to pitch an idea to tell an emotional, human story, while experimenting with the physical optics...

5 Ways to Light your Scene in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Sam Welker covers 5 different lighting setups. He talks about theory and how to balance lighting to better light your scenes in Cinema 4D. ...
Light Your Set

Cinematic Lighting Lesson : Light Your Set

If you’re asking the right questions before you light your project you’ll be able to walk away with cinematic images. That’s why in this video, Indie Cinema Academy shares with you the 12 crucial questions that...
HDR RGB Light Pass Workflow in Nuke and Maya

HDR RGB Light Pass Workflow in Maya and Nuke

Learn how to render RGB Light Pass in Maya as well as how to compose it in Nuke with a workflow applicable when you have to deal with super white value in your pass. HDR RGB...
houdini neon signs

Create a Neon Sign with Houdini

Learn how to recreate a cool retro sign in Houdini with Keith Johnson, in this in depth video tutorial, from modeling, to shading, lighting and rendering to create photorealistic shots.
Linear Light Workflow in Maya

Linear Light Workflow in Maya

Jeremy Fernsler, Teaching Professor at Drexel University in the Animation and Visual Effects program, helps you to understand how to set up a linear light workflow in Maya 2014 ...
light geometry nuke

Lights and Geometry in NUKE

Jonas Jørgensen from Hello Lux presents a new video tutorial about lights and geometry in Nuke. ...
The Little Ghost

The Little Ghost : Lighting Process

Felix Geremus presents a technical demonstration of the lighting workflow used inside Softimage for the German movie "Das kleine Gespenst" (The Little Ghost). The idea was to combine HDR images and high-res ...
linear workflow maya

Linear Color in Vray for Maya

Max Depth presents a video tutorial to learn how to set up a linear workflow in Vray for Maya as well as how to use Nuke to verify the colorspace of our textures.  ...
Michael Lampe

Lighting Reel 2013

Michael Lampe present his new lighting reel in this new compilation of projects. ...
Blender Light

Light Group in Blender

Learn how to better use light group features in Blender and how to isolate a lamp for a specific material, in this video tutorial by Aditia A. Pratama ...
Underworld Awakening Light

Underworld Awakening Lighting Reel

VFX Artist Yates Holley present a demoreel of his lighting work done on Underworld Awakening at Luma Pictures, using Arnold.
Another tomorrow

Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow is a beautiful animated short from Peeranat Tuwarotesakut, using light as a form of communication and how it influences our life and consciousness ...
Modo 701

Modo 701 : Environment Importance Sampling

In this new sneak peek video about Modo 701, you'll learn  Environment Importance Sampling. See Also : Modo 701 Particles basics and Integration  ...

Natural Lighting In Cinema 4D

Learn more about different techniques in Cinema 4D like Linear Workflow, Gamma, Color Mapping, and HDRI Bounces to get brighter and natural lighting in your final pictures. A video tutorial by Nick Campbell ...

Linear Color Management in Mental Ray

Jon Tojek shows you how to use Maya 2012 and Mental Ray rendering with mia_physicalsun as the lighting source in this video tutorial

Light Shade and Render in Houdini

Learn about everything related to light in Houdini, IES Light Maps and attenuation options, Light Portals and HDRI maps with this one hour video tutorial.

Gnomon Lighting and Rendering Winner

Gnomon School of Visual Effects has awarded Ruta Lauzikaite's Lighting and rendering reel as 2012 best of term winner.

Light, Shade and Renders with Houdini

Go Procedural channel just released a 1 hour long Houdini Tutorial on lighting, shading and rendering a simple scene importing camera, geometry and lights. This tutorial covers also the Linear Workflow setup in...

Mastering Lighting in Blender

Learn more about the core fundamentals of lighting  in both theoretical and practical manner in Blender with Andrew Price

Order up

A pizza is delivered to a creepy, abandoned location.  Order up, has been directed by Seth Worley and is mainly made with with Knoll Light Factory 3.