making kaijus vfx

Making of Pacific Rim Kaijus by ILM

After the first general VFX breakdown for Pacific Rim and the ones for  Star Trek into Darkness and The Lone Ranger, ILM presents an in depth making of the Kaijus in Pacific Rim
srtar trek into darkness

Star Trek into Darkness VFX Breakdowns by ILM

ILM presents a new series of VFX breakdown created for for Star Trek into Darkness including the making of the city, the making of the red planet and a general breakdown for the movie See Also :Everything a...
pacific Rim VFX

Making of Pacific Rim By ILM

After the recent breakdown of Star Trek into Darkness and The Lone Ranger, ILM presents an amazing breakdown for Pacific Rim. ...
Making lone ranger

Making of The Lone Ranger VFX

Tim Alexander and Dan Wheaton, Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects Supervisor and Digital Environments Supervisor present the making of The Lone Ranger VFX
Aaron Mcbride

Inside ILM with Aaron McBride

Visual Effects Art Director for Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), gives some details about the creative process inside ILM on films as Rango, The Avengers and Iron Man. See Also Aaron McBride artworks on IT'S A...
Abishek Nair VFX

Abishek Nair VFx Reel

Abishek Nair, lead Compositor and Sequence Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, presents a collection of shots over the last 5 years, including Pacific Rim (2013)
- Red 2 (2013)
- The Avengers (2012)
- Mis...
John Knoll

John Knoll at View Conference

Industrial Light & Magic’s new Chief Creative Officer to highlight Italy’s largest computer graphics conference. 19 August 2013,  Turin, Italy:  “We are deeply honored and incredibly excited to annou...

Tim Fortenberry VFX Reel

Tim Fortenberry, Effects and Lighting Technical Director, presents a massive VFX Reel of his work accomplished while at  Industrial Light and Magic. ...
Makoto Koyama

Makoto Koyama VFX Reel

VFX Artists Makoto Koyama, as worked at Industrial Light and Magic in movies like Transformers, Star Trek and Ironman and is now working for Weta. He just released his first VFX reel featuring some impressive s...
Making Avengers

Making of The Avengers – Part 3

In this third part of the Making of The Avengers, ILM explains how they've build a digital New York. It'S ART Video Members can download the HD 720 version of the video here :   See Also Making Avengers P...
making of the avengers

Making of Hulk Part 2

Industrial Light and Magic prensents the second part of the making of Hulk character in The Avengers . See the making of in SD below or download the HD version if you're an IT'S ART video Member here : See ...
The VFX of Battleship

Making of Battleship Water

ILM delivers another priceless making-of focusing on the water effects in Battleship. See the SD streamed version below or download the HD version if you're an IT'S ART video member here : See also the maki...

Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of The Avengers

ILM strikes again with this huge making of "The Avengers" featuring a lot of impressive and complex CG setup as well as compositing sequences and obviously beautifully made VFX . Check out : IT'S ART Members...

Making of Hulk

Industrial Light and Magic has published another priceless making of Hulk character in The Avengers   ...

Making of Marvel’s The Avengers

Learn how ILM crew has created one of the most impressive VFX shot in Marvel's The Avengers in this 3 minutes video breakdown. IT'S ART Video Memebers can download the 720p version of the video here : ...

Kyle Winkelman ILM

Kyle Winkelman's reel  including a  selection of the shots he's animated animated for Universal Studios' "Battleship." Details -Close up of alien face: Initial animation pass...

The Visual Effects of Battleship

ILM just posted a priceless breakdown made on the movie Battleship. Check it out :