Meng Jiao Li

Taking down a bridge with Houdini

Houdini Intern, Meng Jiao Li presents a behing the scenes  at the creation of a bridge being taken down by a raging flood in Houdini, using Houdini's FLIP Fluids, Bullet RBD, white water tools and wire solver. ...


Daniel Sierra presents Oscillate, his thesis animation done at School of Visual Arts. The animation was done purely using Houdini's VEX language, music with Reason, Compositing with Nuke and rendered in After E...

Andreas Giesen VFX Reel

Andreas Giesen presents his new VFX Reel mostly done using Houdini ...
Houdini Flora

Houdini Flora

Learn how to create basic ferns, trees, and plants with LSystem sequencing in Houdini ...
Houdini 12.5

Houdini 12.5

Side Effects Software, has announced the immediate release of Houdini 12.5 which offers a wealth of new and enhanced features including Cloud FX , Ocean FX, OpenVDB volume sculpting tools and an optimized light...
Houdini Video Tutorial

Houdini : Procedural Modeling

It's Tutorial time with this almost two hours free video tutorial about Procedural modeling in Houdini, from modeling, uv strategies and automatically places objects into a scene. More  Houdini Video Tutoria...
Cloth simulation in Houdini 12

Houdini Cloth Simulation Masterclass

Michiel Hagedoorn helps you to understand everything about cloth simulation in Houdini with this in depth video tutorial

Bullet rigid body solver in Houdini

Jeff Wagner, Senior Technology Consultant at Side Effects and Michiel Hagedoorn a Senior Software Developer at SIde Effect, talk about the new Bullet rigid body solver introduced in Houdini in this special mast...

Disintegrating in Houdini

Learn how to create a disintegration effect in Houdini using an animated noise map with Rohan Dalvi

Creating and Efficient Lighting Pipeline

Creating and efficient lighting and to optimize the Render Output drivers and organizing complex render dependencies in Houdini

Light Shade and Render in Houdini

Learn about everything related to light in Houdini, IES Light Maps and attenuation options, Light Portals and HDRI maps with this one hour video tutorial.

Hanlong Liu 2012

Hanlong Liu  presents his new FX demo reel featuring some interesting water effect

Instancing a Corn Field in Houdini

Learn how to create a corn maze in a a spooky halloween night using instancing in Houdini. the complete scene can be downloaded here ...

Houdini : Light Shade and Render

Learn how to use the Mantra Surface Shader with the Material Gallery and understand then VOP Network in this new Houdini video tutorial.