Font Crumble with Smoke and Debris Shards

Font Crumble with Smoke and Debris Shards in Houdini

This video demonstrates how to use a series of tools to build a complex crumbling effect in Houdini 15. The video shows how to use groups to focus fracturing on a specific area of a mesh and how to use an Attri...
animating a wheel in houdini

Animating a Wheel in Houdini

Learn how to animate a wheel in Houdini in a realistic way with this free video tutorial by VFX artist, Hossam Aldin Alaliwi animating a w...
FLIP Workflow Enhancements in Houdini

FLIP Workflow Enhancements in Houdini

This Houdini 15 Masterclass describes production-oriented additions to the Houdini FLIP toolset that provide compression of large FLIP simulations for optimized post-simulation workflows, including surfacing an...
sci-fi abstract animation

Create A Sci-fi Abstract Animation

Learn how to create cool patterns with mixed turbulent noises and how to control emission, displace and color, based on custom attributes in Houdini, then add color corrections and flare in After Effects. You c...
Houdini Digital Assets for Cinema 4D

Creating Houdini Digital Assets for Cinema 4D

Learn how to create a  Houdini setup which creates bubbles on the surface of objects and  how to prepare a digital asset in Houdini, to use in Cinema 4D and finally render it with Octane.
Introduction to POP grains

Introduction to POP grains in Houdini

Watch this introduction to the POP grains solver or the new Position Based Dynamics which has been introduced in Houdini 14, by Rohan Dalvi, animator and trainer for the last 16 years, specialized in Lighting a...
Creating a Pyro Explosion Shader

Creating A Pyro Explosion Shader

Learn how to crate a Pyro Explosion Shader in Houdini with this subtitled video tutorial by Carlos Parmentier Creating a Pyro Explosion Shader Creating a Pyro Explosion Shad...
Houdini smoke solver

Anatomy of Houdini smoke solver

Igor Kharitonov, Houdini FX TD from Saint-Petersburg, Russia presents the first part of Anatomy of Houdini smoke solver, describing some basic concepts of fluid dynamics and show how to create simple smoke sol...
Interior Rendering in Houdini

Interior Rendering in Houdini

This video tutorial by Rohan Dalvi covers the process of lighting and rendering an interior scene in Houdini, we take a look at a variety of topics such as Portal Geometry, adding GI lights to calculate seconda...
houdini neon signs

Create a Neon Sign with Houdini

Learn how to recreate a cool retro sign in Houdini with Keith Johnson, in this in depth video tutorial, from modeling, to shading, lighting and rendering to create photorealistic shots.
Anisotropic metal shader

Anisotropic Metal Shader in Houdini

Learn how to create an anisotropic metal shader in Houdini in this video tutorial by Rohan Dalvi Anisotropic metal shader Anisotropic metal shader Anisotropic metal sh...
Asteroids and Instancing in Houdini

Asteroids and Instancing in Houdini

Learn how to create an asteroid field to show some of the attributes you can use on a set of points for instancing in Houdini in this video tutorial by Ryan Dowling Soka Aster...
houdini flat tank

Using Flat Tank in Houdini

Learn how to use the Flat Tank tool in Houdini 13 to create a realistic animation featuring a plastic dinosaur in a water tank! Watch more Houdini Tutorial in our special Houdini Section
Jayden Paterson

Jayden Paterson FX Reel

Jayden Paterson presents his new Houdini FX reel including his latest works made at Axis Animation as FX Artist ...
diana li

Diana Li FX Reel

Houdini FX Technical Director Diana Li presents a compilation of shots from recent movies she's worked for. ...
Wire Solvers Houdini

Wire Solvers in Houdini

Learn how to use wire solvers  in Houdini, to control deformable structures such as “jellyfish tentacles” effect. All the scenes can be downloaded here   ...
Houdini Engine for Unity

Houdini Engine for Unity

Learn how to add procedural Houdini Engine assets into a real Unity project and combine them with existing game assets. ...
houdini 13 Masterclass I bullet

Houdini 13 Masterclass : Bullet

3D Software Developer Cameron White presents two significant additions to the Bullet Solver in Houdini 13. This Masterclass also introduces users to this new approach to Bullet simulations, and covers some of t...
houdini maya

Houdini Engine plug-in for Maya

Learn how to create your own asset in Houdini or Houdini Apprentice then load that asset in the Houdini Engine plug-in for Maya ...
Houdini Maya

Houdini Engine for Maya and Unity

Side Effects Software, an industry leader in 3D animation and visual effects software, is proud to announce the immediate release of experimental Houdini Engine plug-ins for public preview. These plug-ins allow...
Procedural animation

Intro to CHOPs

Learn how to set up CHOP networks to import geometry data, and visualize/organize the motion view in Houdini ...

Working with Noise in Houdini

Learn this in depth video tutorial everything about noise in Houdini during this almost 2 hours workshop by Ari Danesh. ...

Introduction to Pyrosolver

Learn how to  set up and overview of the parameters for the Houdini 12.5 Pyrosolver with this video tutorial by  Christian Enamorado ...

Introduction to Houdini Particles

Go over some basic concepts of  particles and explosion in Houdini with recently graduate Full Sail student, Christian Enamorado   ...
meteor lake houdini

Making a Splashing Meteor in Houdini

Behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a meteor splashing into Lake Ontario in front of the Toronto skyline with Enrico Selmi, Houdini Intern, made using Houdini's FLIP Fluids and Pyro FX tools. https://v...
Wrangle Workshop

VEX Workshop in Houdini

Discover the basics of VEX in this in depth workshop introducing the language with examples. You can download the files from the workshop here ...