Foundry 2019 - APAC Showreel

Foundry 2019 : APAC Showreel

As 2019 is coming to an end - check out Foundry spanking new showreel from their customers in the APAC region. Foundry 2019 - APAC Showreel Foundry 2019 - APAC Showreel ...

Creating Paddington

Learn how the Framestore team has created Paddington using Mari and Nuke Paddington Paddington Paddington Paddington...
The Foundry reel 2015

The Foundry’s 2015 Showreel

The Foundry presents its new 2015 showreel featuring tons of breakdowns from the biggest VFX studios The Foundry reel 2015 The Foundry reel 2015 The Foundry reel 2015 ...

Introduction to Colorway

COLORWAY is an application created by the Foundry, that aids creativity and focuses the decision making process, recognizing that a team of people involved in making design decisions have different goals and ex...
Flix SOny Imageworks

Flix by Sony Imageworks and The Foundry

Sony Pictures Imageworks and The Foundry present FLIX,  a web-based visual story development tool for feature animation
nuke 8

NUKE 8.0 Preview

Have a very first look at Nuke 8.0 new feature with product manager, Jon Wadelton. NUKE 8.0 features a new Text node that lets artists compose, edit and anim...


See what's new in Hiero, by The Foundry, enabling collaborative working with NUKE and other editorial, VFX and finishing tools.
Mari 2.0

Mari 2.0 Features Tour

Watch what's new in The Foundry's MARI 2.0, the 3D model painting tool,  including procedural layers, mask groups and shared layers. ...