For Honor : 60 Concept Art by Damian Buzugbe 

Damian Buzugbe, Concept Artist and Character Artist living and working in Brighton, UK. Experienced in both 2D and 3D visualisation, who's recently worked for Ubisoft, Disney, Black Rock Studios, NCSoft, Micros...
The Art of For Honor

The Art of For Honor by Jeong H Shin

Discover a selection of Concept Art made by Jeong H Shin, a Concept Artist and Designer over 8 years experience in Entertainment industry. ...

The Art of For Honor Game Cinematic

Artur Sadlos, Art Director at Platige Image, presents a selection of concept art and designs created for "For Honor" game Cinematic. ...
For Honor

For Honor

Watch the first trailer For Honor, a fast-paced competitive experience mixing skill, strategy and team play with visceral melee combat