The Art of Eduardo Peña

A selection of Artworks by Eduardo Peña. Eduardo is a professional creative currently based in Sunny, Singapore. He was working as an Art director at LUCASFILM. And as a Creative consultant. He's worked in the...
Planning Your Workflow - Feng Zhu

Planning Your Workflow with Feng Zhu

When learning, give yourself a design goal, set a realistic deadline and establish a consistent workflow. In this episode, Feng will be demonstrating these processes step by step. He will be taking the theme of...
Japanese Inspired Canyon Homes by Feng Zhu

Making Japanese Inspired Canyon Homes by Feng Zhu

Welcome to Episode 96 of Design Cinema. In this episode, Feng will design an environment which looks new and iconic yet retains enough familiar elements to stay grounded. He will use the “Forms Follows Functi...

Creating a Cyberpunk Bar with Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu shows you how to create a Cyberpunk Bar, inspired by Blade Runner, in this in depth, step by step video tutorial. Love This video?  Feng will be one of our IAMC 19 Speakers! Get your Limited Seat or V...
Designing for Science Fiction

Designing for Science Fiction with Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu has shared a new series about designing, this time focusing on science fiction for movies. Watch the first part just below. Designing for Science Fi...
designing silhouettes

Designing with Silhouettes

Feng Zhu presents a new video tutorial focusing of the power of Silhouettes in Design designing silhouettes designing silhouettes designing silhouettes...
Applying Reskin

Applying Reskin with Feng Zhu

Watch the new Feng Zhu Video tutorial and learn how to better apply reskin. Applying Reskin Applying Reskin Applying Reskin Applying Reskin...
Mixing Surroundings Feng zhu

Mixing Surroundings with Feng Zhu

Learn how to better mix surroundings elements to create good looking concept art with this video tutorial by Feng Zhu Mixing Surroundings Feng zhu Mixing...
creating worlds Feng Zhu

Creating Worlds by Feng Zhu

Don't miss this priceless GDC keynote by Feng Zhu, an inside artistic point of view about artist job when it comes to create worlds for a client
feng zhu

Level Up 50 : Feng Zhu

‘Level up!’ is an idea of two Polish artists – Wojtek Fus and Darek Zabrocki, who want to teach and learn from each other. Today Level Up episode 50 has invited Feng Zhu
Fish Fighters Feng Zhu

Fish Fighters by Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu presents a video he'd recorded for Gnomon School of Design, about the making of Fish Fighters Fish Fighters Feng Zhu Fish Fighters Feng Zhu Fish...
Feng Zhu

Let’s Draw: Final Fantasy VII with Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu presents  a new video tutorial to learn how to paint Final Fantasy VII environments. Feng Zhu Feng ...
Feng Zhu Doom

Redesigning Doom 1 with Feng Zhu

A bit nostalgic? What would have been Doom 1 design if recreated today? See Feng zhu recreating the design of this classic game in this video. ...

3D for Environment Painting by Feng Zhu

Need your daily dose of awesomeness video tutorial. Well you can't miss this new one from Feng Zhu helping you to understand how you can use a 3D base for environment painting.
Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu Digital Painting Tips

In this new priceless video tutorial, Feng Zhu teaches you how to paint without the use of Undo, Photo-textures and the Colour Picker. See more Feng Zhu videos on IT'S ART here
Feng Zhu Video Tutorial

Black and White Value Paintings

Feng Zhu shares another priceless fundamental video tutorial about the black and white value paintings, demonstrating a common technique used by professional concept designers for generating quick and effective...
Feng Zhu

Real Time Creature Design

In this new priceless video tutorial, Feng Zhu drives you through the artistic process to create a creature design in real time. ...

Game Redesign with Feng Zhu

Check this new priceless video tutorial by Feng Zhu talking about game Design meanwhile painting in real time

Making MMORPG Landscapes by Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu demonstrates his approach to designing fantasy video game environments in this new video tutorial. Tutorial starts at 2:00