Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

A Ghostbusters Ghost Trap in C4D

Mograph Candy learns you how to model a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap using primitives and Extrudes NURBS and then texture and adjust the final model with spline dynamics with thelp of  the Hair Module. https://vi...
Cinema 4D

Model a Shopping Cart in C4D

Learn how to use the the Atom Array and Sweep Nurbs in Cinema 4D in this video tutorial provided by Mograph Candy ...
3d Retexturing

3D Retexturing with C4D and AE

Bryan Woods explains in this video tutorial how to create dynamically retexturing a 3D shatter transition in After Effects, an effective trick for C4D and After Effect users. ht...

Natural Lighting In Cinema 4D

Learn more about different techniques in Cinema 4D like Linear Workflow, Gamma, Color Mapping, and HDRI Bounces to get brighter and natural lighting in your final pictures. A video tutorial by Nick Campbell ...

Making a A Coffee Pot in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create a coffee pot in Cinema 4D including modeling, lighting and rendering in this new video tutorial by Nick Campbell

Sound Effector Animation in C4D

Learn how to create a sound effector animation in Cinema 4D with this step by step video tutorial by Nick Campbell

Collision Deformer & Dynamics in C4D

Learn how to tame the Collision and Jiggle Deformer in Cinema 4D
 instead of softbodies or cloth-tags. A video tutorial presented by Equiloud

Custom Xpresso Node

Learn with Sam Welker how to make custom Xpresso nodes using Xgroups in Cinema 4D

Creating Ping Pong Paddles in C4D

Nick Campbell is back with a new Cinema 4D Tutorial. This time you'll learn how to create  realistic Ping Pong Paddles.  ...

Hanging Objects On a String in Cinema 4D

EJ Hassenfratz helps you to understand how to use Springs & Spline Dynamics to make an object dangle off of a string in Cinema 4D.

Xpresso : The Tag Node

Do you want to learn more about the Tag node in Xpresso? Check this in depth video tutorial made by Robert Leger.

Aerodynamics & Morph Camera in Cinema 4D R14

Learn how to create dynamic balloons with new Aerodynamics function, Rigid and Softbody objects in Cinema 4D R14. A video Tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz

Soft Body and Mesh Deformer

Learn how to combine the soft body dynamics tag with the mesh deformer in Cinema 4D with this video tutorial from Polycubes

Dynamic Popcorn Part 2

Time to launch Cinema 4D to follow the second part of the video tutorial by Nick Campell helping you to create some dynamic CG popcorn. if you miss the first part, find it here ...

CS6 After Effects camera tracker with C4D

Learn how to use the camera tracker in Adobe After Effects CS6 and how to create cameras and solids within the tracking data and finally export everything to cinema 4d. ...

PolyStepper in Cinema 4D

This is tutorial for an Xpresso based tool created by Simon Russell for Cinema 4D called PolyStepper. It deforms any polygon object onto a mograph cloner. You can Download PolyStepper here. Polystepper i...