Motion Vectors from C4D to Particular

Learn how to get motion vectors out of Cinema4D and automatically generate particles based on the direction of your 3D object's motion.

Model and Rig a Lowpoly Character

Learn how to model and rig lowpoly characters in Cinema 4D R14 and xpresso. A video tutorial by Sam Welker . Download the project files here.

Cloth simulation in C4D

Learn how to make a realistic  cloth simulation with C4d only with softbodys and dynamics.

Vray For C4D, The Exterior Tutorial

Dominik from Curse Studio send us a note about his new free video tutorial he has realeased about Vray for Cinema 4D. Learn how to create an exterior scene in this 2 hours and a half three parts video tutorial....

The Jungle

Curse Studio has produced a priceless in depth video tutorial helping to create a realistic jungle scene. The complete scene can be downloaded here ...

C4D Color Shader and Mograph Selections

In this tutorial Nick Hopkins breaks down how to make the classic mario question mark box, using only one material and one cloner object, along with a few effectors

Dynamic Popcorn Part 2

Time to launch Cinema 4D to follow the second part of the video tutorial by Nick Campell helping you to create some dynamic CG popcorn. if you miss the first part, find it here ...

CS6 After Effects camera tracker with C4D

Learn how to use the camera tracker in Adobe After Effects CS6 and how to create cameras and solids within the tracking data and finally export everything to cinema 4d. ...