Delta Lloyd vfx

Delta Lloyd VFX Breakdown

Digital District presents a new VFX breakdown for Delta Lloyd TVC Delta Lloyd vfx Delta Lloyd vfx Delta Lloyd vfx Delta Ll...
Gravity VFX

Gravity Breakdown by Prime Focus

Prime Focus World's Richard Baker  and Matthew Bristowe explains the anatomy and making of a 3D shot in Gravity by  Alfonso Cuarón. See Also : Interview with Prime Focus
On The Docks

VFX Breakdown : On the Docks

Digital District presents a VFX breakdown made for Jean Paul Gaultier commercial, On The Docks Breakdown Final TVC http://www.dailymo...
Toufik Mekbel

Rayman E3 trailer : Fx breakdown

Toufik Mekbel presents a new Fx Breakdown made for Rayman E3 trailer made by Nki See Also Breakdown Slobber for Rayman E3 Trailer ...
Mac 'n' Cheese

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Breakdown

Colorbleed Animation Studios presents a shot breakdown from Mac 'n' Cheese Supermarket animated short Breakdown Full Short ...

Iron Man 3 VFX Breakdown by Trixter

Trixter present a previously unseen new VFX breakdown from Iron Man 3, showing the shots they've worked on. ...
Rayman breakdown

Rayman E3 Cinematic Breakdown

Toufik Mekbel presents a breakdown from one of the Rayman E3 cinematic, using cloth and particles. ...
game of Thrones vfx breakdown 3

Game of Thrones : 23 Minutes VFX Breakdown

Can't wait for Season 4 of Game of Thrones? Enjoy our special VFX recap, more than 23 minutes of VFX breakdown from seaon 3 to season 1 by Pixomondo, Gradient FX, Spin VFX, Bluebolt, Screen Scene Season 3 ...
Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Making of Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Toei Animation presents a special breakdown from  Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG animated movie including new footage.
making Ed hype

Making of Ed

Hype CG presents a making of  their 3D animated movie, ED, The story of an unforgettable journey with a unusual character. Making of Trailers ...
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness Breakdown

Anselm von Seherr-Thoss presents a breakdown of the shots he's worked for Star Trek - Into Darkness for AtomicFiction using 3dsmax, FumeFX and VRay Read also our interview with Anselm on IT'S ART https://...

Making of BonAqua

Ukrainian VFX company Fix Digital presents the making of BonAqua TVC. Check the breakdown and final spot just below. Making of Final TVC ...
NFL Network

NFL Network Id Breakdown

Charlie Company Corp presents a little breakdown of the latest ID they've made for NFL Network Final Id ...
Sergej C Eichmann

Sergej C Eichmann VFX Reel

Sergej C Eichmann presents his latest VFX reel including impressive work for "Fast Five", "Red Tails", "Hugo" and "Cloud Atlas". ...
Oz The Great and Powerful

Making the Treasure Room in Oz The Great and Powerful

After the making of the balloon crash sequence, the making of China Town and The Making of the Bubble Voyage in Oz the Great and Powerful, learn how Imageworks has build the Treasure Room in this special VFX br...
gagarin vfx breakdow

Gargarin VFX Breakdown

Have a look at this interesting VFX Breakdown made by Eugene Gittsigrat for Gagarin produced by Ulitka See Also from Ulitka : Making of Metro / Making of Egga ...
Banque Populaire

Making of Banque Populaire Part #6

Matt Frodsham present the making of the sixth TVC for french bank, Banque Populaire. See also the making of Banque populaire #5 Making of Final Spot

Making of Abduction

Enjoy the making of 'The Ride', a commercial produced by for Mercedes in Germany Final Commercial ...
olympus has fallen

Olympus Has Fallen Breakdown #2

We publish a few days ago a 4 minutes VFX breakdown from Worldwide FX for Olympus has fallen. Ghost VFX has released today a new one from the car accident scene. ...
Making of Adidas Light

Making of Adidas Light

Kevin Kim presents a VFX breakdown of the Adidas Light commercial he's directed for 'My Active Driveway' Full Spot ...
Iron Man 3 VFX

Iron Man 3 VFX BReakdown

Don't miss this selection of VFX Breakdown made by Digital Domain and Method Studio for Iron Man 3 http://www.youtu...

Making of Knife

Berlin based VFX company Knife Films, presents a breakdown of the the teaser made for their eponym short, Knife. Breakdown Final Teaser Click...
Making of Inseparable

Making of Inseparable

Postmodern production presents a detailled VFX making of 'Inseparable', the story of Reactor 4 meltdown of the Chernobyl Power Plant in April 1986. Making Of Trailer https...
Jiawen Liang

Jiawen Liang

Jiawen Liang, 3D generalist, compositor, and motion graphic artist presents his latest VFX Reel Click to Enlarge ...
A Campus, A Heart, A Star

A Campus, A Heart, A Star

Thorsten Hary is the man behind all the VFX, CGI , Editing of "A Campus, A Heart, A Star", the new music video by The Satellite Year Enjoy the music video and don't miss the making-of just below https://v...
Eega vfx breakdown

Eega Breakdown

Ulitka presents a new interesting VFX breakdown from Eega. See also The Making of Metro Click to Enlarge...
The Collection

The Collection Breakdown

 Yashinski Studio presents 40 Visual Effects Shots including CG Fire effects, Explosions  and Water simulations ...