paddington vfx

Paddington Special Feature

Have an extended look at Paddington, with this special featurette including some breakdown of the soon coming movie directed by Paul King
over my head

Making of Over my Head

Jean Baptiste Lefournier and Camille Bovier Lapierre present an unusual beautiful breakdown for Over My Head over my head over my head o...
journey to the west conquering the demons

Making of Journey To The West, Conquering The Demons

Macrograph, world class VFX/CG output for gaming and film industries South Korean company presents the making of Journey to the West, Conquering the Demons.

Making of Nightcrawler

Adam Sacco presents a breakdown of his new work, Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Nightcrawler...
Tower Collapse

Tower Collapse

Yujaeho presents the making of Tower collapsing sequence in Night Watchman's Jouranla, involving Bullet Solver ( 82,904 Pieces ) & Glue Constrain & Pyro & Mantra of Houdini.
volvic the giant

Making of Volvic The Giant

 Digital District presents a beautiful VFX breakdown for The Giant,  their latest commercial made for Volvic http://www.dailymotion...
Mothership process

Making of Mothership

Nejc Polovsak presents a breakdown of his work for Mothership, a film to launch the new brand of FutureDeluxe. Mothership process Mothership p...
factory 293

Factory 293 VFX Breakdown

Meaning Maker, an independent production company based in Western Australia presents a VFX breakdown and Behind the scenes shots by Andrew Gordon, showcasing the use of digital-VFX for Factory 293 https://vime...
208 Unit Image

Making of 208 GTI The Legend TVC

Learn more about the making of the epic TV Commercial, 208 GTI The Legend, with this making of by Unit Image http://www.dailymotion....
VFX Breakdown

13 VFX Breakdowns : Best of September ’14

Don't miss our selection of the best VFX breakdowns published during previous month ( September '14 )
guardians of the galaxy VFX

Guardians of The Galaxy VFX Breakdown

Method Studios presents an interesting VFX breakdown showcasing their work for Guardians of The Galaxy h...
Expendables 3 vfx breakdown

Making of The Expendables 3

Worldwide VFX presents a VFX breakdown of their work made for The Expendables 3 Expendables 3 vfx breakdown ...

Postmodern VFX Showreel

Postmodern presents their new VFX showreel featuring an impressive collection of breakdowns postmodern postmodern postm...

VFX Breakdowns : Summer Best of

Discover our selection of the best VFX Breakdowns published this summer on IT'S ART, including Game Of Thrones, Transformers Age Of Extinction, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and more!
Elysium Droid Destruction breakdown

Elysium Droid Destruction Breakdown

Greg Massie presents a How-to guide for destroying the droid on Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, presented at DigiPro and SIGGRAPH. Elysium Droid Destruction breakdown Elysium Dr...
War Thunder Battle Is On

War Thunder: Battle Is On – VFX Breakdown

Nial Horn presents a VFX breakdown for WAr Thunder, Battle is on, introduced during Gamescom 2014 Trailer
making of hellblade

Making of Hellblade Game Cinematic

Discover how  Ninja Theory has created the game cinematic for  Hellblade in this breakdown video. Original Sequence ...
Goldtooth Creative

Goldtooth Creative

Goldtooth Creative presents an eye catching VFX breakdowns featuring their latest work Goldtooth Creative Goldtooth Creative Goldtooth Creative Goldtooth Creative ...
viking season 2

Making of Vikings Season 2

MR. X Inc presents a  breakdown of the VFX created  for Vikings Season 2. viking season 2 viking season 2 viking s...
game of thrones VFX

Game Of Thrones Season 4 VFX Breakdowns

Don't miss this new special IT'S ART video featuring previously unseen VFX breakdowns made for Game of Thrones Season 4, followed by the best of VFX since the season 1
League of Legends 2 Breakdown

League of Legends A New Dawn FX Breakdown

Matt Radford presents a FX breakdown for League of Legends A New Dawn shots he's worked on See Also Full Cinematic
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 breakdown

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Rodrigo Lloret, 3D Texture Artist using Konami's Mercury Steam engine presents a real-time breakdown about Textures & Shading of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Castlevania Lord...
Lock & Load

Lock & Load

Andrew Kramer
 from Video Copilot, presents a new funny short, Lock & Load, including a breakdown Lock & Load Lock & Load Lock & Load CREDITS: Directe...

Yasak VFX Breakdown

Volkan Duran has posted an interesting VFX Breakdown of the latest shots made by his Studio for Yasak YASAK VFX YASAK VFX YASAK VFX YASAK VFX Credits Design and...
isles we are forest

Isles : Character Breakdowns

We Are Forest presents a preview of their new short movie, Isles in this character breakdowns video. Isles is a conceptual project by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes. Synopsis : "In a world deprived of light, a...
Heartless vfx breakdown

Heartless VFX breakdown

Danish VFX company, Postyr Postproduktion, presents and interesting VFX Breakdown for Heartless, featuring tons of fire FX. Heartless vfx breakdown Heartless vfx breakdown ...
maleficent VFX Breakdown

Maleficent VFX Breakdown

Enjoy this exclusive IT'S ART video,  a VFX Breakdown from Maleficent VFX by Digital Domain. If you want to learn more about the VFX of the movie, you can also read this article about MPC work for Maleficent. ...
LasseMaja VFX Breakdown

LasseMaja breakdown

Mad Crew presents a breakdown of some of the shots done for LasseMaja Stella Nostra amongst a total of 3.650 visual effects shots. LasseMaja VFX Breakdown LasseMaja VFX Bre...