Baymax and Mochi

Baymax and Mochi Shorts

Disney has unveiled a new series of shorts, Baymax and Mochi, featuring both characters from Big Hero 6.
Making of Baymax Dreams

Making Of Baymax Dreams

Disney Television Animation and Unity have collaborated to create “Baymax Dreams,” three innovative episodic animated shorts that are inspired by Emmy-Nominated “Big Hero 6 The Series.” Take a sneak peek behi...
drawing Hiro and Baymax

Draw Hiro and Baymax

Learn how to draw Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6, with Jin Kim, character design supervisor at Disney
baymax rig

Animate Baymax with Cinema 4D Jiggle Deformer

Learn how to animate Baymax from Big Hero 6 with this special video tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz, using the Cinema 4D and Jiggle Deformer in a 2D Workflow. You can download Baymax character rig scene file here. ...