Create a Water Splash in Phoenix FD

Create a Water Splash with Phoenix FD

Watch this free Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max water splash beginner Tutorial focuses on the basic setup with liquid emitter, by Jesse Pitela, 3D Artist specializing in high-end cinematic 3D product rendering & liq... Read More...
Space Pyramid

Space Pyramid in Realflow

In this tutorial, Niall provides a step-by-step breakdown for his awesome Space Pyramid shot. Here you will learn how RealFlow is used alongside 
3ds Max,
After Effects 
and Vray https://vim...
ring of Fire

Making a Ring Fire

Matteo Migliorini teaches you how to create a ring of fire using 3DSMax, FumeFx and Nuke in this video tutorial ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of Fire... Read More...

Distortion Free UV’s

Lear the process of pulling distortion free UV's with Headus UVLayout using a simple combination of hotkeys, in this new video tutorial by Max Depth ... Read More...

Creating Realistic Apples

Tomasz Wyszolmirski teachs you how to to create a realistic scene with apples using 3ds Max 2012, V-Ray 2.30.01 and Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Read More...

VoroFrag by Martijn van Herk

Martijn van Herk has been working on a new kind of fracturing plugin. It does voronoi based fracturing and uses delauney triangulation to cap the sliced geometry, allowing shelled geometry to be capped property... Read More...