Imaginary Forces presents the first animated trailer for Strife, new S2 Game


Strife Strife


Client: S2 Games

Director: Ryan Summers
Producer: Melissa Johnson
Production Coordinator: Joseph Abou-Sakher
Previs: Grant Lau, Ryan Summers
Animation: Rich DeForno, Gary Hebert
Rigging: David Brown
Modeling: Margaret Dost, Aamir Karim, Steve Talkowski
Look Development: Mikey Rogers
Texturing: Ben Skutt, Steve Talkowski
Lighting: Mikey Rogers
VFX: Tom Bittikoffer, Gary Hebert
Matte Painting: Laurent Ben-Mimoun
Character Design: Natalie Hall, Brett Bean
Storyboards: Alejandro Lee
Editing: Michael Radtke, Ryan Summers
Compositing: Tom Bittikoffer, Gary Hebert, John Kim, David Park, Mikey Rogers, Ryan Summers
Titles: John Kim

Audio: Machinehead

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