IAMAG story has started almost 15 years ago with the publication of some PDF in English and French and some very limited printed edition of these issues. There’s today only one printed issue of each and PDF versions are no more available. To celebrate more than 15 years of Interviews and love for Digital art and Digital Artists, during the next week, some PDF versions of these rare and historical magazines will be available based on donation, for as low as $1 USD.

IT’S ART Magazine Issue 10 was a milestone in terms of content, 132 pages of interview, but also because a very limited batch of 100 printed ex had been released to test if the concept of a printed edition could be something possible for the future. There’s only one printed issue left, but you can today get the PDF edition, during a very limited time



Available until April 2nd 2021 – 9 PM CET

Featuring some of the very first published interviews with Goro Fujita, Pascal Blanché, Victor Navone, Blur Studio, amongst many artists. A unique time machine with artists and studios, a way to discover the industry and it’s history 15 years ago!

With this symbolic anniversary and unique way to collect the historical IAMAG Issues, you also help us to go on this adventure and get slowly back to normal after the pandemic.


Specifications :

PDF : 132 Pages / 300 DPI

Original published Date : February 2007

Language : English

Size : 173 MB