During one of his Live Session on IAMAG Master Classes, Tuomas Korpi has shared his creative process, from idea to final picture. During his process, one of the step was to elaborate a sketch before jumping to the color process.

Check a speed up version of an excerpt of his Master Class, Igniting Creativity just below. Watch the real time version, and Master Classes including bonuses as PSD and brushes on IAMAG Master Classes

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Tuomas Korpi is a production designer and concept artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Over the years he’s worked in a number of projects and created illustrations and concept art for games, movies and commercials in a variety of styles. He is also an entrepreneur; a co-founder and owner of a creative studio Piñata.

The clients and projects he’s worked for include Blizzard Entertainment, DreamWorks TV, Supercell, Lego, EA, Ubisoft, MPC, Wooga, Mattel and concept art for X-Men: Days of Future Past. He has also worked on the production design of the new animated MOOMIN series: Moominvalley.

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