Sell Your Products

Do you want to sell prints, digital files, tutorials, books, any other CG related materials? 

 If you want to use our new marketplace, you need to use the contact form and send us a description of what you want to sell, and we will contact you shortly to discuss about the opportunity to work together.

Before sending us an email, please read this FAQ :

Q : Will this marketplace ask for any exclusivity?

A : No!

Q : Can I set my own prices, and shipping costs ?

A : Yes, you can set a different price for each products and a different price for each shipping method!

Q: What paiement gateways do you offer ?

A : Everyone can pay using Credit Cards or Paypal

Q : What are the fees?

A : The fees depend on the type of products, the price and number of products, the way we pay you,and if you request an instant or monthly paiement. We will agree on a fee before you submit any product.

Q : Can I sell Digital Products?

A : Yes you can sell any kind of files

Q : Will I have my own store with only my products?

A : you’ll have your own store with a vanity URL and we will have a front store with all products

Q: Will I.A Magazine Promote my products?

A : Yes we will give you free exposure on the other pages of the site and select the best products for special highlights on the site, Facebook page and newsletter

This new marketplace is restricted to quality artworks and tutorials and we reserve the right to reject any submissions.

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