Quill 2.0 : Create Full VR-native Animated stories

Storytelling has always brought people together, whether that’s prehistoric cave paintings or modern-day movie nights with friends. Quill is a VR illustration and animation tool built to empower creators, from individual artists to large studios, to tell and share their VR-animated stories.

Quill enables artists of diverse backgrounds to contribute to 2D, 3D, and VR production pipelines without the requirement of learning a technically complex tool. Similar to traditional drawing and painting, Quill enables artists to create directly with their hands to a virtual space, respecting unique, artistic styles.

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Quill 2.0, launched in Early Access, is a revolutionary update, transforming the tool into an end-to-end solution for making full VR-native animated stories. With Quill 2.0, storytellers can now become full-fledged VR directors, in addition to creating 3D painted scenes and short animated loops.

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