Project Memento
Project Memento

Project Memento

Project Memento is a free technology preview of a state of the art toolset that can import and visualize huge meshes, analyze for errors, fix those errors, and prepare the fixed models for publishing. Project Memento is very interactive and provides a responsive fluid experience. In short, it handles big data and is very fast. The toolset is designed to handle meshes generated from photos or scans, but can also handle big meshes generated by Autodesk or any third party modeling application.



Mesh models created from data coming from reality capture sensors can be extremely large, ranging up to hundreds of millions of polygons. This represents a huge challenge for handling such meshes for any downstream use, currently requiring either: working really slowly, hitting the limits of current tools, or splitting up scenes into parts to be able to edit them. In addition to size challenges, topology or texture issues such as holes, spikes, tunnels, particles, etc. need to be corrected prior to further downstream use. Project Memento addresses both size and topology/texture issues.


  • Fast loading of large meshes (geometry + texture)
  • Supported import file formats: .OBJ and .RCM (ReCap mesh)
  • Visualization of large mesh geometry + texture (wireframe, solid, textured)
  • Mesh analysis/diagnostic tools (geometry only in this release)
  • Automated and manual mesh fix tools (geometry only)
  • Decimation tools during export (1-99% decimation range, geometry only in this release)
  • 10-level undo-redo
  • Export to .OBJ or Save as .RCM


Project Memento will be available until January 23, 2014.

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