Dear IAMAG MAG member, on this Portraiture Class, I will introduce you to a series of video about painting Eyes. This time we will divide the topic about eyes into 3 parts:

1 Importance of eyes in portraiture

2 Eye anatomy

3 Creative variations

Watch the video bellow to follow the time lapse of “A study of Teal’c”. It is narrated not telling about the process of this painting, but with related topics on the importance of eyes in portraits.



By the end of the video I let you with 3 questions for the sake of creative thinking:

1 – Which role do you think or imagine Teal’c has in his society?

2 – By looking at his picture, what can you tell about his personality?

3 – Now, to finish the introductory video, what do you feel when you look at his eyes? What do your guts tell you about Tealc’s gaze?

A study of Tealc-by isis sousa

You can answer mentally or share your ideas with us, by letting your comment in the field bellow.

Hope you have enjoyed the article!