After two years of research, development and exchanges with the biggest studios and market specialists, mk2 in partnership with BNP Paribas, unveils the opening of mk2 VR, the first place entirely dedicated to virtual reality, on December 9th in mk2 Bibliothèque in Paris.

The only one of its kind, mk2 VR is a new kind of place of culture and entertainment, paced all year long with the programming of exclusivities and premieres.


A world’s first

Since its creation in 1974, mk2 has made a point to cultivate a model of cultural alternative. Thus, they have built bridges between cinema and other art and expression forms by creating living places, guiding the viewers before and after the screening.

“With mk2 VR, we become the first theater company in the world to open a dedicated place to virtual reality and we are proud to begin this pioneer project in France.” says Elisha Karmitz, general director of mk2 Holding. “BNP Paribas, major support of cinema, also very engaged with new technologies, established itself as the main partner for this project.”


The best of virtual reality

mk2 VR is a jewel of design and technology conceived specifically to make virtual reality a simple, accessible and collective experience. mk2 VR is first and foremost a technical prowess made possible thanks to the support of its technological partners like HTC Vive, Sony Playstation, Oculus Rift and MSi. Featuring the latest virtual reality headsets and “full body immersive” simulators, a first in France, mk2 VR will focus its efforts on making the best possible user experience.

Faithful to its reputation, mk2 brings a special level of requirement to the programming, trying to be both eclectic and always new. Fictions, animations, documentaries, video games, simulations and immersive experiences, the contents are chosen for their quality, the emotions they produce and the fresh look they bring. “mk2 VR is a playfield of expressions made to honor the work of the studios and the independent content creators” explains Elisha Karmitz. “Throughout the year, exclusive contents or premieres will be presented to the viewers. We are looking forward unveiling our first collaborations, both with French studios and international creators.”


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MK2 VR - ©Benoit Florençon