messi fifa 14

Messimorphisis VFX breakdown

MPC morphs an unsuspecting teenager into Avatar Lionel Messi for the launch of EA FIFA 14, with W+K Amsterdam at the helm


MPC Amsterdam worked with Director Tomek Baginski to seamlessly transport a player into the world of the game, his skin and body cracking and transforming into a CG Lionel Messi Avatar. The 30” spot has been created to launch the new FIFA 14 revolutionary gaming experience, which includes features such as Human Intelligence and True Player Motion.

Using references from X-Men and Iron Man, MPC’s VFX team designed and researched various ways for the transformation to take place and its subsequent effect on the actor’s skin. Following the pre-vis, a number of concept shots were created in Photoshop ranging from dust particles, snake-like peeling and tearing and ripping of the skin. These were then re-created in CG to determine the final effect.

VFX Detail….
MPC’s CG Supervisor Carsten Keller said, “Surprisingly, there are a number of ways to transform a teenager into Lionel Messi. The brief was somewhat open in terms of the morph, so we brainstormed as a team to put together multiple options, settling on the road cracking/earthquake effect. Using CG and 2D and working closely with Tomek we created seamless transitions from the shot footage into the game- world. The gamer doesn’t know what’s hit him!”

23 shots had VFX elements, which meant the team were present at the shoot to take comprehensive lighting and tracking shots. To reconstruct the actor’s foot, his shoes and feet were re-created in CG. The laces were animated pushing through his skin and muscles altered to morph into shoe fibers. The actor’s nose was also given the CG treatment, and projected onto real footage to show the distinctive change.

Game footage was provided by EA, and tracked so the shot footage transforms into CG, and in turn the CG is incorporated seamlessly into the game.

W+K Amsterdam utilised MPC’s newly opened Amsterdam office, with CG completed in London and 2D taking place in Amsterdam, taking advantage of the studios comprehensive remote capabilities.


messi fifa 14

messi fifa 14

messi fifa 14

messi fifa 14

messi fifa 14

messi fifa 14


Agency: W+K Amsterdam

Agency Producer: Jaime Tan

Creatives: Ignasi Tudela and David Smith

Director: Tomek Baginski

Production Company: Stink

Producer: Andrew Porteous

Editor:  Adam Marshall @ The Whitehouse


VFX Producer: Gerben Molenaar

VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz

CG Supervisor: Carsten Keller

VFX Team: Andrew Roberts, Shizuka Fukuda, Graeme Eglin,

Grade: MPC

Colourist: George K

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