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  • And this one is my latest personal project.. This temple is based on the ruins of Angkor Wat, at first I was trying some more realistic approach but then I decided to mess a little bit with the overall scales to make it appear more cartoony and to fit more with my personal style. It was also my first try with Megascans, which I used for the…Read More
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  • Other old one.. I made this project as some kind of tribute to many classic cartoons such as Tom&Jerry among others, where small animals reuse some elements made by humans to create their world. Also this was a study of Redshift renderer.
    I hope you like it!
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  • Hey guys!
    This project is old, but it was an important one to me.. I really love point’n click adventure games from Lucas Arts and I always wanted to do a tribute to my favorite: The Curse of Monkey Island. So I decided to make a fan art of Blondebeard’s Chicken Shoppe. In this game there’s a lot of stunning environments but I feel something…Read More
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