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  • Hello everyone. It’s summer, it’s hot, so I dreamt of flowers, and it gone mechanical.

    Tried the original posing with Fuse CC, great and easy stuff, but finaly repaint another one. I still definately use it when needed, or for quick tests.

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  • Not a really complex stuff, but my baby steps in Blender and with 3D in general. Had so much fun on it.
    City plate base picture from Pexels, and base girl mesh from a pack I can’t remember.

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  • Because everything is not about the Artstation challenge, Here is my take on the 9th Digital Painting School challenge. đŸ˜‰

    Ystah Towers – environment / city category

    A bit of middle east ambiance, is there a genie there or only spicy food?

    To see all entries for this contest, follow the link…Read More

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